Meme of the day – Sing & Wash

ADD: I thought it was clear, but apparently not, that this is meant to be humorous! I got it from Charlie Daniels on Twitter. You probably know that “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is his song.

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12 Responses to Meme of the day – Sing & Wash

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    So now they want to teach me how to wash my hands political correct

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Pretty funny.


  3. czarina33 says:

    Actually, I’m happy to get a new song to sing while I do ” hand hygiene” at work, since I am getting tired of singing Happy Birthday twice, or the entire of Yankee Doodle. I have to do it when I get to the hospital, before and after every paitent, before and after I eat and toilet, and when my nose itches. And before I leave work. And before I touch anything in my car. And while sanitizing my credit card after I hand it to anyone. And when I get home, after I take my clothes off and put them in the washer.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    I went down to pick up our GGS and on the way back stopped at a truck stop for gas, drinks, chips, cracklins…all that road food. In the restroom were two guys in work clothes just awashin’ the devil (see above) outta their hands. There were only two sinks available and they was awashin’…after about 5 minutes the older one stopped, looked at me and apologized for the delay. Seems they were carrying cement and bagged lime and and got it all over their hands, they had to wash it off real good like to keep it from burning them. No coronavirus there.

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