Today’s Twitter picks …

I don’t like Biden, but I agree with Brit that Joe is losing his memory.

Sigh. Everything is “racist” these days …

Nothing racist about it.

What is Scott saying here? Am I missing something? From what I’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter this morning, the latest ploy to whip up panic is to bring up the death rate in Italy. If you have seen it too, you might want to read this article from Scientific American:

Why Deaths from Coronavirus are so high in Italy


I think this is a great analogy.

More Biden and cursing out voter in Michigan.

So far, this is how I am seeing it.

Best and funniest tweet I’ve seen lately.

Usual crap from Congress.

Latest on Jeff Sessions.

More Biden – and the fake news about it.

Election manipulation.

My feelings exactly.

Charlie’s prayer.

Another great day!

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5 Responses to Today’s Twitter picks …

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Yes… Agree

    Watch out for Biden’s VP pick


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Remember when the government called it ‘The Asian Flu’? Where do they think these viral diseases come from, Antarctica? The sheer number of Chinese, the size of their domestic fowl flocks and the proximities of the people and so many fowl – not to mention swine – breeds flu. Maybe if the various Asian countries eschewed their innate racism, especially amongst their own race, they’d have a valid reason to complain about other’s perceived racism.


  3. jeans2nd says:

    Why does McCarthy, and all the rest of the spineless wimps, not speak some truth and point out the fact the Chinese-heritage lawmakers, plus the lawmakers taking ChiCom bribes, are following the racist ChiCom orders?

    It was the Chinese Communist Party that issued orders to shut down the accurate naming of the Wuhan virus. This Chinese press in America obeyed, and the rest just fell obediently into line.

    OTOH, these people deserve mocking and derision, for being so stupid as to continue to try to control our language. You’d think they’d give up by now.

    Quid Pro Joe is not losing his memory, imo.
    Quid Pro Joe is rapidly descending into what Nannie called Old-Timers (as opposed to Alzheimers).
    Dad became this way when the cancer was moving into his brain.
    Really sad. Shame on Quid Pro Joe’s Handlers.


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