It’s Doggityday!

National K9 Veterans Day, March 13, is a day set aside to honor commemorate the service and sacrifices of American military and working dogs throughout history.

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  1. czarowniczy says:

    Looking at maybe adopting an ex-military working dog?

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  2. The Tundra PA says:

    Hello friends! It is still Tuesday evening for me, and we are 2 days 6 hours into the 9+ day race that will be Iditarod 2020. The race leaders are around the 300 mile mark. I’m thrilled to see Jesse Royer in the lead (if it can’t be Aliy or Pete, of course). I’ve met Jesse a few times and found her to be a really nice person and an excellent musher. She is usually in the top 5 at the finish; maybe this will be her year.

    Pete is currently in 9th position, and Aliy is a bit further back in 20th. But positions don’t mean much this early in a race this long. It is fun to watch at

    GO DOGS!!

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  3. Lucille says:

    The dog who helped kill Baghdadi visited the White House. But Conan is just the latest canine war hero

    Sgt. Stubby, a short brindle bull terrier mutt, was officially decorated a hero of World War I…

    Staff Sgt. Justin Kitts, a military working dog handler, and Dyngo pose in this undated photo while on foot patrol during a deployment in Afghanistan.

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  4. Lucille says:

    Bass, a MARSOC working dog, stands with his Medal of Bravery on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Nov. 14, 2019…

    Marine dog is honored for combat valor, along with posthumous awards for three other dogs, two pigeons and a horse

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  5. WeeWeed says:

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  6. WeeWeed says:

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  7. Lucille says:

    You all probably remember Denver…just thought I’d check to see if Denver was still among us and found this…

    Obituary for Denver The Guilty Dog
    Denver went to the Rainbow Bridge Monday February 12, 2018 at her home in Millington, Maryland while under the care of Chestertown Animal Hospital. Denver was born July 4, 2004. When she joined our family at 8 weeks old, we fell in love with her immediately! As a puppy Denver would stay up late at night yelping until she eventually chewed her way out of her crate. She had a passion for water and mud and at times would dive under to find things at the bottom. Denver also enjoyed tantalizing squirrels from inside the house and once let out-no matter how fast she ran, she would never would catch them. Every night at the 10 pm last bathroom call, Denver would run down to the creek, growling and barking up a storm until she reached the creek. There she would stare into darkness until the loud splash of Mr. Beaver’s tail instantly scared Denver right back to the house whining and whimpering. She enjoyed rummaging through the bathroom trash can, chewing on socks, secretly sleeping on the couch and stealing ornaments off the Christmas Tree. But of all the sneaky things she got into, Denver had one particular infatuation that eventually led to her becoming an overnight internet sensation…..stealing kitty cat treats!

    It was March 8, 2011 when Denver became known as “Denver The Guilty Dog,” the star of her own viral video on YouTube about stealing kitty cat treats that would eventually be seen by over a hundred million people around the world! As a result, Denver sat on the couch at Good Morning America, appeared in 5 Animal Planet episodes, showed up on every late night comedy TV show, 37 Television interviews, 12 radio interviews, over 1,000 blog posts, Awarded Pet Video of the Year 4 times, landed the cover of 4 magazines, 2 Liquid Plumr commercials, Ministry advertisements, Game shows, her own children’s book, school visits all around Maryland, her own line of stuffed toys and a Facebook page with over a million hits per week….. For a dog from the quiet little town of Millington Maryland, that’s quite an amazing story! Denver will be missed by many but none more than her family, who loved her and she loved them back just as much. Denver leaves behind her father Mali, mother Brenda, brothers Victor, Clover, Pouncer and Pilot, sisters Sarah, Lacey and Ross. At the request of Denver’s family, love your pets every day, let them sleep on your couch and give them all the treats they want! “That’s a good girl Denver…”

    Services for Denver were entrusted to Fellows, Family Funeral Home, Millington, MD.

    One last time…

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