Holi festival

Brightly colored powder for sale during Holi

Commonly known as the festival of colors, Holi is a Hindu tradition in India and Nepal that commemorates the end of winter’s gloomy days. This holiday is so sacred that even local markets and businesses are expected to close up shop in preservation. During the first full moon of March, people light bonfires to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and then spread the sacred ashes on their foreheads to protect themselves against evil.

The following morning, Holi begins. The entire neighborhood comes together and throws colored water and powder on each other in celebration.

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3 Responses to Holi festival

  1. litenmaus says:

    Hey, I did this with Kool-aid when I was a kid….it was a joyous experience….:0)

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    • Gary says:

      LOL, for humans and beasts alike I guess. Everybody remembers “A Horse of a Different Color” from OZ, well they used Kool-aid to color the horse and if you look real close you’ll notice the purple horse really liked it too, it’s licking away at itself.

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