Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference

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1 Response to Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Louisiana has just got its first case o’ coronavirus! AND it’s in the Greater NOLA area!!! Actually it was in Jefferson Parish, the bedroom community where families who want a safer life live, but the city calls it ‘their case’. The anonymous Patient Zero is in an undisclosed New Orleans hospital but we’re all pretty sure it’s in the new, modern state funded hospital so that the state can claim the credit and use the patient as a level to pry money out of the Feds…sorta like a germ-sized Katrina.

    The governor’s trying not to panic the city but in Baton Rouge, HIV capital of the US for years or New Orleans where HIV and murders vied for its place as #1 in the US for over a decade, a few virus particles are not going to spook the natives. The Gov and the mayor afre out making political hay out of this though, although against the backdrop of the state and city governments’ failures in dealing with the flooding from the incompetent Sewerage and Water Board and the still after 5 months tottering over the city Hard Rock collapsed hotel. Oh yeah, and it’s out now how city inspectors never inspected it and were largely responsible for the collapse.

    The city survives off of conventions, events like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest and various other touristy events. Now we have one mysterious case of coronavirus with Jazz Fest and the French Quarter Festival – not to forget the dozens of conventions – right around the corner…what will the City That Couldn’t Shoot Straight do?


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