Seen on Facebook – coronavirus edition

AND JUST LIKE THAT, all my friends became the infectious disease experts! Some incessantly repeat chicom conspiracy theories w out facts. Some create long spreadsheets for DOOM’S DAY. Some use hypothetical numbers w mortality probability rates that they’ve dug out of their ass. Some just need to show their daily outraged selves about something – anything, because, orange man bad, or he’s pollyanna’ing this virus… HOW DARE HE TELLS US NOT TO PANIC!!!

Some have become such experts they couldn’t be taught anything at this point… the uncertainty is now a definitive. They use “being concerned and worried” as a trigger happy to hyperventilate and have their daily titi attacks because they’re now experts on infectious disease.

Go check yourselves. Breathe and let the real experts get it done. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. You probably didn’t even get your flu shot yet, tens of thousands have already died this year from influenza.

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12 Responses to Seen on Facebook – coronavirus edition

  1. mugzey302 says:

    The drama queens are addicted to the cortisol in their panic attacks. lol

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    The MSM news is contributing to this, of course.

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  3. rheavolans says:

    It does have a higher mortality rate than the flu. With that said, most of the Pandemic Panic Brigade probably refuses to get vaccinated for flu, which detracts from their argument a little.

    There is no hand sanitizer to be found where I am. As a diabetic I use that stuff a lot. It probably ends up on my shopping list like every other month or something. If you use it sparingly (that is, small amounts. I use it all the time, a little bit at a time) it lasts awhile. Now there’s none, no doubt because a bunch of idiots thought that they needed five or ten bottles where they only needed two.

    I was thinking about this while (considering whether it’s time for me to end what I always considered the common courtesy of using sanitizer after checking my blood sugar,) and I thought, imagine how many germs these feckless people used to spread before this pandemic. Horrific flu season a couple years ago, and flu every winter, and we had to have a brand new virus to cause this. Makes me wonder how many people would have never bothered to worry about spreading any germ at all if we hadn’t had a new one.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I take the precaution of wiping off my finger before I check my blood sugar but when I consider the cuts, scrapes and pokes I get from the unsanitized environment around our property…

      The coronavirus death rate is higher as we see more flu cases and not all flu deaths are reported as flu deaths, we’re back to that ‘underlying causes’ issue. Right now someone could have a subclinical case of coronavirus, get hit by a bus and you know it would get reported as a coronavirus death. Remember when SARS was supposed to wipe all life off of the face of the earth?

      Saudi Arabia’s rethinking the major hajj in July while Iran seems to be on its way to be the coronavirus center of the Mideast. On top of the damages our sanctions are doing to them they’re home to a whole flock of coronavirus cases, perhaps the result of their heavy relations with China. Law of Unintended Consequences biting them in the burka. So the most Islamic of the Islamic are reeling from a plague visited on them by the most unholy…gotta be some raw irony there.

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      • rheavolans says:

        I probably should clean my finger beforehand but I don’t. I do it afterward out of consideration for all the bloodborne illnesses. I don’t have any of those – my life is too boring (can’t afford heroin, insulin is expensive enough).

        Thanks for the reminder about the underlying cause. I had forgotten that. No, I don’t really remember SARs. Too many pandemics since then, I guess.

        As for the Middle East being an epicenter, I saw a post from Gateway Pundit of the Islamists licking shrines to prove that Allah is greater than Coronavirus and they filmed themselves doing it. No comment on that.

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    • stella says:

      I posted a video a little while ago about how to make your own hand sanitizer. I think it’s a combo of aloe vera and alcohol, plus a little essential oil for fragrance.

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      • rheavolans says:

        I might have to look that up. I’m trying to use less of what I still have left.

        Walmart was picked over pretty badly but Meijer still had the hand wipes so I got those to keep at work. I’m trying to figure out what else needs bought before the pandemic panic Brigade goes nuts again.

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