Why We Need Immediate Changes to FISA Laws

Sundance just posted this video next door, and urges that we watch it and share it with those who need to understand what has and is happening with the FISA court and pending legislation.

According to Senator Rand Paul, President Trump is committed to seeing that FISA is not reauthorized without “significant” reform.  Senator Paul has proposed to significantly change the FISA process by forcing the DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community to apply for search and surveillance warrants to Title-3 courts in order to access any NSA database containing private information of American citizens.

Current FISA authority expires on March 15th.  The Senate is scheduled to go back into recess March 13, 2020.  Additionally, the DOJ/FBI response to the FISA court order (due February 5th) has still not been made public.  If congress is going to reauthorize the controversial FISA provisions, they now have nine days.

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3 Responses to Why We Need Immediate Changes to FISA Laws

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I am glad Pres. Trump has said he will not sign a clean FISA renewal.

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  2. glendl says:

    I am not sure what can be done to clean up the travesty.
    As I see it when the officials supposedly watching to make sure things are done properly are corrupt and the people who are supposed to be checking on those officials are corrupt and any oversight is provided by more corruption.


    • glendl says:

      I am not sure why that posted. But …
      I am not sure how many layers of corruption existed or still exist. I am not sure if I can figure that out without giving myself a massive headache.


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