Today’s Twitter picks …

That’s the first thing I thought of when I heard Joe’s latest yarn about being arrested in South Africa – Hillary in sniper fire in Bosnia.

Really something. What I thought was that the event was a bit chaotic, and it bothered me that the President was standing alone in that pavilion (like a sitting duck, I thought). I suppose the Secret Service had it all under control, but it made me nervous.

Good. And it’s the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lou Dobbs has become quite the CTH booster these days!

Damned if you do …

Anything to get more power for the Democrats.

Interesting question. Any ideas?

He’s right.

Is this guy for real, or is he just trying to seem senile?


For your entertainment and enjoyment:

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day!

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5 Responses to Today’s Twitter picks …

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Speaking of Voter Fraud 😵😵😵

    I believe his name is Chuck Rocca (or something close to that) he’s with Bernie Sanders to get out the Latino illegal aliens 🗳 vote … out to the ballot box 🗳 … and doing it with great success 🗳


  2. Gary says:

    I think the only people voting on statehood should be those people actually living in existing states.

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    • czarina33 says:

      Well this is interesting. Seems some counties in Oregon and northern California are talking about petitioning to become part of Idaho instead. They have red state politics mostly and don’t agree with alot of what goes on in their current states. The one big thing in their way (other than getting permission from the three states involved), is they grow a lot of marijuana in that area, and it would be illegal in Idaho.

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      • Gary says:

        Not sure it’s even possible with all three giving permission.I believe you would be the most equipped to answer this but I have always been under the impression only one of the fifty states actually has the ability to “split” itself, that being Texas.
        As I understand it, they are limited to a 5 way split. Imagine the turmoil in the Senate with 10 senators of the Texan persuasion? That’d be a hoot! As for the growing, why don’t they include Vancouver and seal the deal.


  3. Lucille says:

    Ted Cruz Tweet…

    Ted Cruz on Sotomayor’s Accusatory Supreme Court Dissent: ‘Like an Arsonist Complaining About the Noise From the Fire Trucks’
    by Kristinn Taylor February 25, 2020

    Senator Ted Cruz . @SenTedCruz . 2h
    It’s clear there are a handful of activist district judges trying to stop @realDonaldTrump’s policies. Just look at the number of universal injunctions issued:
    12 issued in 8 yrs of Bush Admin
    19 issued in 8 yrs of Obama Admin
    55 issued in just 3 yrs of Trump Admin


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