President Trump speaks to the press on his way to India

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4 Responses to President Trump speaks to the press on his way to India

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I think this works much better than the briefings in the WH.

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    Which brings to mind the problems India has that are about to become world problems and they’re all about water.

    India consumes some 158 trillion gallons of water a year for industrial, personal and agricultural uses. Of that it pulls some 40% of it, roughly the same amount of water Lake Erie holds, from its underground aquifer. On top of that it’s estimated that some 70% of its surface water is heavily polluted and at least 21 major Indian cities (population ~100-million) are scheduled to go dry, their total water supply going effectively to zero, in the next very few years. New Delhi is scheduled to run out of ground water this year or the next and its aquifer has dropped from 40 to 80 meters in just 20 years – and that was while there was still enough ground water to harvest.

    Our good friend China is also well into (no pun intended) a plan to build some 80 hydroelectric dams on the rivers on the Tibetan Plateau which will block water from entering many of India’s already water-short areas. India’s already start to raise hell about the huge dam China built that will block the Brahmaputra river, it has ‘expressed its concerns’ tio China and you can bet those dams will be a topic of conversation with Trump. Not only will those dams have the potential to dry up India but they could also dry up the entire Mekong River flow. We’re looking at a potential cause for a nuclear war.

    I don’t envy Trump this trip.


    • stella says:

      Sounds like they need some good water desalinization plants.


      • czarowniczy says:

        They’d work to some extent but you have the problem that the sheer quantities involved and the fact that the majority of the water is used for irrigation. Most of the rural homes also aren’t connected to a piped supply so you have that daily distribution issue to work with. Then you have the problem of even if you had 100% salt extraction for every million gallons you purify you have nearly 4700 cubic feet of salt to get rid of. Multiply that by India’s daily requirements and you gotta lotta salt to dump.

        I’m sure someone will come up with a solution (no pun intended) but as India’s kicked the water can down the road the save is more than likely going to be messy.


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