Today’s Twitter picks …

The View hosts didn’t know what hit them. Matt Gaetz did a great job, answering with facts!

Yes, it is right.

He’s had tests that he doesn’t want us to see.

I hope he’s right.

More good news. One question I have is why Grenell is only the “acting” DNI? Will he be named as the permanent DNI? If not, then why?

NYT strikes again.

Fun to watch. Wonder why though.


Latest on the Royal squabble.

So sweet.

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day!

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8 Responses to Today’s Twitter picks …

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I think I read next door that Richard Grenell could never be permanent because the committee who has the approval will not approve anyone who is not anti-Trump.

    “Spoiled brat” is a perfect term for Meghan Merkel. My money is on the Queen, too.

    That baby hearing for the first time is so wonderful. I love those stories.

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  2. lovely says:

    From what I now know, I believe Barr and Durham will set things right. It’s a complex and intricate investigation, and they’ll get one shot.

    They’re doing it right.

    This has been my position all along.

    People think that “obvious” has legal standing in a court of law. “Obvious” is very strictly defined and favors the accused.

    Without iron clad evidence that cannot be explained away in any other reasonable way there is no reason to bring a case before the court. Of course I’m speaking objectively not subjectively, the Flynn and Stone cases were not lawful prosecutions they were political persecutions.

    Barr and Durham are crossing t’s and dotting i’s, all while working within the swamp.

    An example of law before circumstance or the obvious;

    (True Story)

    A woman went missing, she went missing after local police had been called to her home twice in the matter of a few hours, once in the evening and once in the early AM. The class were made the day before she went missing. The calls were placed by concerned neighbors because of violent screaming heard coming from the home.

    When the police arrived the woman declined to press charges or make a statement.

    Then she went missing in the next 6 hours.

    Her live in boyfriend told multiple stories about the last time he saw her.

    After about 3 weeks a cadaver dog was brought into the home from which the screams came, the dog lit on a large stain on the floor that was covered up by a rug. A scraping was taken of what was presumed to be blood. The stain on the floor was huge, if it was a blood stain an unsurvivable amount of blood had been lost from whoever’s blood it was.

    Did I mention the boyfriend always wore a hunting knife on his belt, had threatened neighbors in the past and that knife was missing? The police had been called to the home dozens of time in the last year for domestic violence.

    Still the boyfriend was not arrested. He had “never seen the stain before, the rug was there when he rented the house”.

    The blood sample was compared to the DNA of the missing woman’s daughter. It was a match.

    Time to get an arrest warrant.

    Meanwhile the boyfriend decides he is having a bad day and blows the house up with himself in it.

    He somehow survives.

    He is not charged with murder. Evidence was destroyed.

    He was convicted of arson and has yet to be charged with murder. He will be free soon.

    Cross your t’s dot your i’s.

    Then let the thunder roll.

    Remember President Trump is the living embodiment of Sun Tzu’s philosophy.

    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”__Sun Tzu


    Bloomberg may have Napoleon Complex but President Trump has Napoleon’s theory of war committed to action.

    “War is 90% information.”__Napoleon Bonaparte

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  3. czarina33 says:

    Gaetz was magnificent. Did not let them pull him off target unless he had the right aside, behaved respectfully to his elders, was informative, and (I laughed out loud) clearly stated when a response was not appropriate for him to make (re Stone).

    I’m beginning to think the NYT publishes things which are outrageous just to sell papers….

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Re: Gaetz – yes, but did Gaetz, or the “ladies” on the View, have the express written consent of the InterAgency Consensus Agency, specifically the Vindman twins, to make those statements? If not, treason!

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