Tweet of the day …

This isn’t new, but it is awesome! This man refused to be bullied.

From an article at American Thinker:

For too many years, conservatives who believed in traditional constitutional, free-market, liberty-based values were shamed and silenced.  One of the great things about Trump is that not only does he fight, but he’s inspired others to do so as well.

The best thing about this fighting is that Republicans and other conservatives aren’t copying leftists who use street violence, shaming, and silencing to advance their policies.  Those knowledgeable about history recognize these tactics as the same that were used to put Hitler and Mussolini in power.  This is not to call Leftists Nazis or fascists; it’s just noting similar techniques in action.

Meanwhile, conservatives who have been freed by Trump’s open love for America and his refusal to define people by their race are advancing their policies the correct way: they are engaging in the war of ideas with knowledge, analytic skill, good humor, and lots of chutzpah.  That’s the American way to win the political battle.

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  1. auscitizenmom says:

    That is great. 🙂

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