Farmer In All Of Us | Grayce Emmick

Dodge Ram has done a series of ads about farmers. Here is just one. Mike Bloomberg can stick it. He doesn’t know or care about the average American.

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4 Responses to Farmer In All Of Us | Grayce Emmick

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Bloomberg seems to be setting the parameters of his campaign, he’s setting his sights on the motre urban areas, abandoning the red areas he feels he cannot get traction in and is also playing to the urbanites ‘racist’ feelings towards the rural bumpkins. If Bloomberg gets the support of the media you can expect more TV presentations and movies demeaning the rural/redneck/non-urban red folk and/or TV and movies pushing the urban ‘ethic’.

    The Democrats know their strength lies with the urbanites and know how to emotionally play their base. If they win in November it will soon after be a war on rural folk, a war that will move towards the suburbs eventually, sweeping up people and moving them into the urban strip cities where they can be better…shepherded.

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    • stella says:

      I think his remarks were sincere. The speech was made in 2016, so unrelated to this election. Of course, maybe he was running back then too.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Trump was running years ago too, he was mentioned as a potential candidate for over 10 years seriously and less seriously before that.

        You don’t get up a few days before an election, decide you want to run and seriously expect to wein, I believe he was looking at iot before he left being mayor in 2013 but Hillary was in the way. He’s a multi-billionaire, what else does he and his huge ego have to do but own the most powerful nation on earth and buy a place in history?


  2. jeans2nd says:

    We reared Wicked Son out in the country, Very few neighbors were not farmers, and all the kids belonged to 4H. Now what could a city kid do in 4H?

    To my surprise, 4H had an Engineering program. Dad was so pleased, especially when Wicked Son went to State his first year.

    Our best neighbors lived in our front yard, just past our property line – Angus Heifers.
    When our neighbor’s son took over the Holstein dairy operation, he changed the entire farm to pedigreed Angus. It was amazing all that guy went through, just to take care of those Angus Heifers.

    Everything was computerized, and this was the pre-Apple, DOS era, when one had to write their own programs. The farm bureau already had all the programs written, tested, and available to farmers.

    Too bad American Oligarch Mini Mike knows nothing about technology.
    Sad that Oligarch Mini Mike is so lacking in his education. Think what Oligarch Mini Mike could have accomplished with a little Basic training…

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