Lindsay Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-elected and Pelosi, Tlaib are fired

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4 Responses to Lindsay Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-elected and Pelosi, Tlaib are fired

  1. czarowniczy says:

    This Impeachment attempt ends with Trump’s reelection but unless the Republicans retake the House you can expect this to go on. Trump’s become an obsession with the Democrats and they’ll never stop trying to scratch that itch, I expect them to go after him even if he loses – it’s a lesson for the Conservatives.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    This means we have to win back the House. It is imperative.

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  3. rumpole2 says:

    There you go again, Senator Linda…. You sometimes (rarely) “talk the talk”……… but NOTHING ever comes of it.

    I would not be surprised if these Senate hearings NEVER HAPPEN… but even if they do… People (like Schiff) will have excuses as to why they can not testify about some matters (at least) and even if they do testify, they will AVOID some questions and even LIE!! Nothing happens when people Lie to Congress (Senate).


    Hearings result in “REPORTS” or “Calls for more hearings”… they are a JOKE!!

    We already have “probable cause” to INDICT MANY CROOKS…. lets get that done and if needed proceed with some REAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS by DoJ/FBI… We don’t NEED more half-assed hearings in Congress/Senate (and maybe a referral to DoJ that gets ignored)


    • rumpole2 says:

      Everybody knows….

      EVERYBODY already KNOWS who the crooks are… and what went on…

      It seems obvious to me what went on… With FULL knowledge and complicity of Obama Administration and all agencies,, the DNC… The Hillary Campaign… and even parts of RNC and Senior Republican “Never Trumpers”….spying on Trump Campaign.. assistance to Hillary.. then an ongoing COUP against the legitimate ELECTED Trump Government.
      Barr knows…Durham knows, Wray knows, Rosestein knows, McCabe knows, Horowitz knows, Muller knows, the 18 angry Democrats know.. even Sleepy Jeff Sessions (and his Guy Huber) knows… Bloggers and twitterers and their followers know… WE KNOW.

      Some in the media KNOW it… most of MSM don’t know (they are genuinely brainwashed) .. but I think some do know, but are prepared to lie and distort information INTENTIONALLY.
      A LOT of the public are brainwashed too… not surprising since they have been brought up to believe the MSM , and Political leaders (on one side or other)

      But… having said that… then BARR (and all those in positions to act) also KNOWS how senior the Crooks are,.. and the fact that is MOST of the “establishment” on the DNC side.. and even many on the RNC side are ALL ALL INVOLVED/COMPLICIT. To act would be to start extreme civil unrest.. WAR. Barr (and everybody else) has already decided to NOT DO THAT. There will be delay after delay of promised “Reports”.. running out the clock for months/years. At most ending with recommendations of MORE investigation.

      It seems to be assumed that AT LEAST Comey, Clapper and Brennan will be indicted

      I think NOT!!

      Certainly not for the real crimes involving a Conspiracy to subvert a POTUS election, and then to overthrow a legitimate government.

      IF the trio get done for anything it will be (minor) perjury during the investigation process… perhaps some “careless process” (with no “intent”) during a LEGITIMATE counter Intelligence (Crossfire Hurricane) to block “real” Russian attacks (hacks) on the election. The sort of stuff that warrants “in-house discipline”.. or extra traing courses (at most)


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