Today’s Twitter bits …

Yes, I wonder where he got that idea.

Not surprising, but glad that it is being exposed. See separate post, with video.

More proof that our President believes that the unborn deserve our protection.

More about corruption and Ukraine.

My, my. He is so right.

More about Bernie boys …

Of course Schiff doesn’t trust voters to decide who should be the President in 2020. Democrats might (will) lose!

In case there’s any doubt, this is sarcasm.

And more …

More reason for increased border security.

I love this. Of course she has no answer.

Uh Oh. More trouble for the British royal family?

I like this. How about you?

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day!

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5 Responses to Today’s Twitter bits …

  1. michellc says:

    Lefties heads are exploding that POTUS is speaking at March for Life.

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  2. Lucille says:

    Re Laura Ingraham and Burisma…did you see this brainless tweet by someone who calls herself a researcher…LOL!

    Bridget Ramos @shbridget
    Replying to @IngrahamAngle
    None of these answers would make what Trump did suddenly legal.


  3. czarina33 says:

    Typical Americans….. Nice how they turned that around!

    Does Warren even listen to herself? She should be embarassed. Any responsible person who supports her should be embarassed.

    The airhead in the on-the-street interview was typical of the old Jaywalking interviews Jay Leno used to do.

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  4. Lucille says:

    Here’s a bunch of tweets re…

    ‘SHADY as Hell’: Matt Wolking’s must-read thread exposes HUGE scandal at heart of #Spygate involving DOD and Stefan Halper
    Posted at 11:01 am on January 23, 2020 by Sam J.

    While we’re all busy watching Democrats try and make their case that Trump somehow should be removed from office for Obstruction of Congress (ha ha ha ha) and Abuse of Power, there is still a good deal of investigating going on behind the scenes, specifically from Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley.

    Matt Walking broke down what has transpired with Grassley, the Department of Defense, and Stefan Halper.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    Don’t worry about the IRGC getting funds, they’re like the CIA and a goodly chunk of their operating budget comes from ‘legitimate’ businesses – including banking – they own, operate and profit from. Also, some of the groups/operations they oversee are funded by the Iranian government so the costs don’t come out of IRGC internal funds.

    I mentioned the Mexicali border incident a few days ago. There’ve been Mideasterers floating around the border towns and sneaking into the US for decades. It was in 2002, I do believe, but no later than 2003, that a van with what was described as Mideasterners rashed in Mexico while headed to the US in the general direction of the Bush ranch. When the Mexican police arrived (it appears they waited long enough to make sure everyone was gone) they found AK-47s and, reportedly, RPGs. Now AKs and RPGs ain’t unknown in Mexico but when locals, back when they would talk, say they weren’t Hispanic but Mideastern, weeelllllllllll…

    Te entire mess is too messy to get into but they’re here, they’re supplied and at some point we’re gonna get a visit. We’ve more or less ignored the Muslims of America compounds and there are bound to be more…but then we digress towards my December 2001 story ad we’ve heard that one before.


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