Today’s Twitter bits …

In the running for the most stupid story of the day. President eats dinner.

I’m amazed. If it was the flag of Israel, the perpetrators would be charged with a hate crime. They do that in England – but not to Muslim extremists.

In more sane times, this would be considered treason.

Hmmm. This is an old story, but interesting. Wonder who?

Wonder what will happen this coming week with the impeachment.

More on Iranian terrorist actions. Be sure to read this one!


AOC will crash and burn. My prediction for 2020.

This would be a great film!

Apparently truth escapes leftists.

Our President did what was required of him by the Constitution and the War Powers Act. Nancy can pound sand.

I wonder what’s true. Last I heard, she was being hidden in Israel from the FBI.

Whoopsie! I remember that.

Love The Babylon Bee!

You tell them, Secretary Pompeo.

Charlie’s prayer.

Enjoy the day!

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7 Responses to Today’s Twitter bits …

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    President eats dinner.” Think the Dems will add that to the Articles of Impeachment?

    I wonder when, or if, we will ever see these traitors back-door dealing with Iran tried and hung? Would the list of diplomats who took bribes from Iran start with Hillery Clinton and John Kerry? There is evidence that Kerry has had clandestine meetings with Iranians.

    I agree with Dan Bongino. AOC is a dumbass. I do think there is more behind her than we know, though.

    Yep, the Demoncraps will be against President Trump even when he does something they like. And, Nancy is out of sorts because she didn’t have the information to pass on to the Iranians in time.

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  2. stella says:

    More about the Iran bribery story:

    Flashback: Democrat Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby Before Vote on Obama’s Nuke Deal — Iran Threatened to Out Bribed Officials

    …Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari reportedly warned Western officials in May 2018 that if they do not put pressure on the Trump administration the Iranian regime would leak the names of all Western officials who were bribed to pass the weak deal.

    Daniel Greenfield at reported in 2015 on the Democrat senators who took money from the Iran US lobby before their vote to support the deal.

    Senator Markey has announced his support for the Iran deal that will let the terrorist regime inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism and have a near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb.

    There was no surprise there.

    Markey had topped the list of candidates supported by the Iran Lobby. And the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) had maxed out its contributions to his campaign.

    After more fake suspense, Al Franken, another IAPAC backed politician who also benefited from Iran Lobby money, came out for the nuke sellout.

    Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the Iran Lobby’s third Dem senator, didn’t bother playing coy like her colleagues. She came out for the deal a while back even though she only got half the IAPAC cash that Franken and Markey received.

    As did Senator Gillibrand, who had benefited from IAPAC money back when she first ran for senator and whose position on the deal should have come as no surprise.

    The Iran Lobby had even tried, and failed, to turn Arizona Republican Jeff Flake. Iran Lobby cash had made the White House count on him as the Republican who would flip, but Flake came out against the deal. The Iran Lobby invested a good deal of time and money into Schumer, but that effort also failed.

    Still these donations were only the tip of the Iran Lobby iceberg.

    Gillibrand had also picked up money from the Iran Lobby’s Hassan Nemazee. Namazee was Hillary’s national campaign finance director who had raised a fortune for both her and Kerry before pleading guilty to a fraud scheme encompassing hundreds of millions of dollars. Nemazee had been an IAPAC trustee and had helped set up the organization.

    Bill Clinton had nominated Hassan Nemazee as the US ambassador to Argentina when he had only been a citizen for two years.

    Several other Democrats were speakers for NIAC, the regime’s lobby house in the US.

    See Chris Murphy.

    Following the death of Commander Soleimani Democrat Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) lashed out at President Trump for assassinating the Iranian al-Quds terrorist leader.

    Now we know why Murphy was sooo upset with Soleimani’s death.

    Senator Murphy has been has a history of supporting Iran’s mullahs.
    Murphy is a routine speaker at the NIAC Council, the regime’s lobby house in the US.

    In fact, Trita Parsi, the regime’s top activist at NIAC, has praised Senator Murphy for his support of NIAC’s efforts…


  3. lovely says:

    The pleasantries of livening in President Trump’s America.

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