Seen on Facebook – Communism (and censorship)

The following was posted by a friend, Kirby Olson, on Facebook, and Facebook removed it because it “violated Facebook community rules”, apparently because it was reported as hate speech. Another friend had copied and pasted it, so it survived, at least temporarily. I’m preserving it here.

Communism works by removing discussion. If you don’t agree with the dictatorship of the proletariat, you are sent to a reeducation camp, or to the gulag.

In American newsrooms, you are simply fired, or never hired in the first place.

In academia, the process of getting a degree in the Humanities is the first seven year period of vetting. Then there’s the tenure process. If you admit you are not a socialist during that period, there are a million ways to get you out.

This is why, in the humanities now, Democrats outnumber Republicans about 500 to 1. That might be a slight underestimate. At the University of Washington, there were no Republicans, and that was in the 1980s. Ultimately, communist regimes work to either kill or sideline any opposition. The dictates become simpler and simpler. Ultimately, when the dictator says, “Ooga-ooga,” you say, “Ooga-ooga.”

That’s progress for them.

Think of North Korea, or China, or Cuba. These are the well-known cases where communism has succeeded.

In the gulag archipelago of the universities, it is also succeeding.

In the newsrooms at CNN, and at MSNBC, as well as at the New York Times and Washington Post, it has also succeeded, but is not yet at 100% uniformity.

In climate science, there remain pesky naysayers. And then, of course, there’s the climate itself, which remains cold, or refuses to conform to the norm. This has to be explained, and there are elaborate explanations.

Stalin twisted logic into pretzels to try to understand why the Soviet Union wasn’t working. Kim Jong On twists his citizens into pretzels if they try to question why it is that they are starving while he is fat as the gibbous moon.

Meanwhile, in the House, they are still trying to come to grips with having lost the last election. They locked it in for Hillary. All the media stations and newspapers and seers had already declared it for Hillary. Then, reality happened. Trump won.

So now, the House leadership argues that it is ok to scream at Republicans and force them out of restaurants. Hollywood leadership talks about punching Trump or assassinating him.

The House, backed by rogue elements in the FBI, and politicians inside the Swamp who remain loyal to Trump, have commenced two farcical investigations. The first one failed, but they sped on to impeachment like a runaway train. They silenced any witness that didn’t accede to their narrative. They banned the media, and simply put out leaks. Then they had polls that said everyone believed them. However, new polls have surfaced, which say that they don’t. Swing state voters are against impeachment. And, of course, the Senate is the ultimate firewall. Impeachment itself in the senate will be tried not by Adam Schiff, who is the opposite of fair and impartial, but by Justice Roberts.

In the Senate trial, Adam Schiff can himself be called. If he lies about not ever having heard of Eric Ciaramella, the unknown whistleblower of whom he claims he has never even heard, then by now someone has a photograph of them doing an impeachment dance together at one of their little balloon parties where they attempt to pin a tail on the donkey or whatever it is they do behind closed doors.

Bans, shadow-bans, banishment, Ray-bans: they ultimately don’t work. Light filters in. Most of the East Block is back toward democracy. China is struggling with its economy, and the 7 million in Hong Kong are killing it. Just about their only western supporters are the NBA.

Truth has a way of surfacing. Just as people do talk, so they also trade things. It’s the basis of the economy, but is somehow also the basis of humanity. We want free speech, and we want a free market. Without it, we have underground press, and we have the black market. It is the simple truth. Pilate thought he could squelch it, and said to Jesus, laughingly, “What is truth?”

It’s what you can’t pilot. In that respect, it’s like the climate.

It’s like the sun, or the Stars. It’s like love. It’s what the left tries to kill every day using either genocide, as they used in Cambodia, the Soviet Union, and are now using in Venezuela, and continues on in Cuba. It’s what CNN argues against every time they pound their little fists and insist that impeachment is necessary. Trump, meanwhile, tells the truth in tiny little blocks of text. It’s what hundreds of thousands gather to hear at his rallies. The truth, like sunlight, is something that vampires can’t bear.

Ultimately, Schiff and his allies have to come out of closed rooms and face it. Sorry not sorry.

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