Today’s Twitter bits …

“Hypocritical jackass” seems like a fair assessment …

No kidding!

I agree with this, even though I haven’t flown for years.

Interesting. Also a good career move for Kelly.

I hate The View. By the way, WHAT is going on with Whoopi’s hair?

I’m asking the same question.

I think that’s right.


Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day! Almost makes me feel like dancing. Anybody else miss disco?


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12 Responses to Today’s Twitter bits …

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Gee, Mssr Zaid, maybe you should have suggested that the Company’s internal leaker be protected against the Company who has a strong dislike for leakers. Unlesssssss…..the leaker’s leaking at the behest of the Company? Imagine that, a change of regime without a dead leader….

    an Democrats ever relearn how to accept political outcomes they don’t like? Oh wait, they never have in the first place.

    As for Whoopie she seems to have that unfamiliarity with law that so many AA do, that don’t think the law is what’s written they think the law should be/is what they think is fair for them. If you’ve ever been in LE you know what I mean – if not watch COPS/Judge Judy.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I think Bo Snerdly’s attitude is dumb. If the seat can recline, you should be able to. On some of the cheaper airlines now, they don’t. My problem is with some that do recline, the pad for your head hits me in the center of my head in the back. That pushes my head forward slightly and within a few minutes I start getting a headache (neck injury from a car accident when I was 20). So, if I recline the seat (it only moves a little anyway) it is more comfortable. I noticed the seats that don’t recline on my last flight seemed to be padded differently. The complaint should be on the fact that the airlines are squeezing us in too tight.

    How can these TV people forget they are on film, video, or whatever and it can come back to bite them? I am amazed at how many deny saying what they said. And, there it is. I guess demoncraps just want their supporters to only believe what they say “now”.

    I bet the Epstein meme is really irritating certain people, like, maybe the Clintons. Or, maybe they are so arrogant they don’t think it really matters.

    Fetch with the beluga whale just blew me away. 😯

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    On Epstein, it’s not so much (to me) that he was killed – we started joking on that before he was arrested – but how professionally it was done. OK, the act itself was rather basic, giving the custodians the ability to have a thin veneer of deniability to hide behind, but te coordination all the way up and down the line was professional. It wasn’t ‘Mission Impossible’ professional, it was politically professional in that even though there was a fairly open trail of action at the crime scene we have no actionable evidence and we’re not (at least I’m not) seeing the frantic investigation we’d expect to see at such a politically high-profile murder.

    When you look at the case itself there’s a rather small number of actors and agencies that could be involved. You need someone with the breadth and depth of ‘pull’ to compromise all of the levels of security in that prison. Cameras have to be disabled, guards have to be shuffled off, cell doors have to be opened from control rooms, outside personnel have to be anonymously filtered into the high-security areas of the tiers…all with no trace. Not a lot of agencies can do that, you need real juice.

    Most people get their ideas of prison from the TV and movies who just make up stuff as they go along to meet the needs of the plot. If you’ve worked in a prison, not some Podunk jail, you know not only that it’s as difficult to get in as it is out but that the key to compromising the prison system is compromising the guards. They are the ones responsible for drugs, cell phones and even guns getting into prison, you brie them and they bring it in. Whomever whacked Epstein had to directly or indirectly compromise guards from the front gate of the prison to the tier he was on. That’s not something a small operation could do, whomever did this had to be able to convince those compromised that they were secure from discovery and prosecution and perhaps even, if caught and prosecuted, ruination. Some of those security compromises were as blatant as hell, questionable if not actionable on their own, but so many combined and in a straight path leading to the questionable death of a high profile prisoner? Whomever that prison’s version of a watch captain is should be publically sweating blood about now as should his underlings – I’d like to see the records of the cell openings on Epstein’s tier alone, that would prove…enlightening.

    I imagine right now that the plotters are letting the public and media reactions dull the interest in this mess before they present one of those boilerplate/whitewash reports about how mistakes were made, further medical reports confirm suicide (a separate chapter explaining the anomalous marks on Epstein will probably be included) and promising a full revision of prison operations. The public is getting tired of Epstein, the holidays will further dull their interests and he’s a creep anyway so … “OH LOOK! Spring fashions!”.

    The scale of this operation is what makes me believe it’s more government than organized crime (I know, a distinction sans difference) but in order to have this ‘suicide’ we have to ignore the cleare trail of coincidences that point to a murder. Ah well, the FBI’s on this and we should have an official government answer to the death of a person who was a threat to the government while in government custody sometime soon.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      To me, the important part is not all the particulars that point to obvious gubmint involvement, but the fact that so many people, left-right-middle, who did not accept “suicide” from the first.

      Why no one in gubmint recognizes this is beyond me.
      But then again, those “highly intellectual-highly educated” corruptocrats have never figured out why we voted Donald Trump as President…and won.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        The ones who accepted the ‘suicide’ offering did so for their own personal reasons, reasons that may not have had anything to do with the truth of the matter.

        Sending someone to prison/jail to get him/her killed, in the full and open sense of the move, is nothing new, it’s a tactic that’s long been used.

        The prisoners basically control the prison though the degree of that control changes regularly. You have to let them have some degree of control, they way outnumber you and the courts limit your abilities to discipline them. You try to control their degree of control and that includes cutting deals with controlling prisoners. The ‘tier chiefs’ control the prisoners and you hope by whatever means to control the chief.

        Let’s see who breaks first and leaks and how the plotters handle it.


  4. litenmaus says:

    “The scale of this operation is what makes me believe it’s more government than organized crime”

    I am still unconvinced that Epstein is dead and lean toward the opinion that this had to be a government operation that was run specifically to cover up the fact that he is alive…..

    But then again, I’m one of those that miss disco, so there’s that……. :0)

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  5. MaryfromMarin says:

    Re: Whoopi’s hair—

    I think that she’s interviewing for a position on the British High Court.

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