Best Moments From The Lewandowski Hearing

In case you missed Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee grilling of Corey Lewandowski, here are some nuggets from the proceedings. My takeaway is the level of intelligence (low) and corruption (high) in Congress are frightening.

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10 Responses to Best Moments From The Lewandowski Hearing

  1. stella says:

    Corey Lewandowski’s opening statement:

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  2. lovely says:

    I love Corey, he has been solid since day one. He’ll never forget President Trump standing beside him when Michelle Fields said she had the second worse day of her life after Corey assaulted her, second only to the day her dad died. And it was all a lie.

    Don’t have time to listen but caught a few seconds of Shifty Shelia, the audacity of these conniving lying trolls is what hardens their hearts and turns them coal black “The truth shall set you free” . Really Shelia? Go to hell you arrogant lying piece of trash.

    And notice where their thoughts are ? (Again Shelia) “This isn’t a house party”. (Where did that come from? My guess is Shelia is jumping her notes as they are going to go after Kavanaugh full barrel.

    I hope all the coup members/enablers get run over by the Truth Train running full steam straight at them.

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