Today’s Twitter hits …

I’m sure there are conservatives who don’t favor the use of birth control, but most conservatives I know aren’t in that camp.

It’s true.

You tell ’em, Ken!

I remember the media always saying that we couldn’t be tough on China because the U.S. was in debt to them.

The New York Times has become the New York headquarters for the Democrat Party.

Two different opinion. Which (if either) do you favor?

My opinion? This is a good thing. It’s also a sharp stick in the eye to those who want to eliminate student debt for entitled snowflakes who don’t pay their debts like adults.

Danged right!


Things that make you go hmmm!

Sarah’s joining Fox News.

Pressure from the unions got to him. Big political mistake.

Transitioning to White House lawn impromptu press conferences was a very smart move.

Judicial Watch challenges the Squad leader …

This would be something – something good. It would be challenged, of course, and end up at the Supreme Court, most likely. I wonder what would win – precedent or common sense?

Something positive to end with today:

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day!

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9 Responses to Today’s Twitter hits …

  1. stella says:

    This is good news.

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  2. stella says:

    Poor snowflake.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    Well I totally agree that we should completely outlaw civilian ownership of any type of firearm and leave arms law enforcement to the governments. Why the Feds have some 73 Federal agencies that have their own armed law enforcement units, some 120,000 gun-toting officers, That’s one armed Federal agent for each 2700ish people in the population and that doesn’t count state, county and local LEA.

    They’ve all shown such wonderful response over the last quarter century preventing crime, securing our borders, preventing drug abuse and providing a speedy response to our calls, nevermind their high solve rates for violent crime, that civilian ownership of firearms hasd long outlived its usefulness.

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  4. Lucille says:

    LOTS of goodies today,Stella…

    On the Clinton Library refusal to hand over Epstein info, can any entity refuse to hand over info which covers criminal activity investigation? I should chec to see if Legl Insurrection has anything on it. BTW, when it comes to Epstein has anyone in Hollywood yet said like they did re Monica/Clinton…”It’s only sex”?

    Dinesh’s query re John Roberts…verrrryyy interesting, though it’s a common name how likely is it that Epy would be inviting just any ole John Roberts from the local neighborhood?

    This is a good article re Clinton and Epstein…
    “Rush on Epstein and Clinton: ‘They Are Sexual Partners,’ Painting Was a Tribute to the Men’s Similar Behavior”
    By Benjamin Arie – August 20, 2019


    Re Judicial Watch’s request of an investigation of Ilhan Omar’s potential crimes, ethics and Ilhan in the same sentence is definitely a laugh. I have no doubt that she is guilty of every single charge.

    The following article is excellent…
    “Muslim Scholar Outs Omar & Tlaib, Warns They’re Using ‘Full-Blown Islamist Propaganda’ To Manipulate Public”
    By John Manning – August 22, 2019


    The Ken Cuccinelli tweet reminds me why I liked him a lot prior to his Never-Trump lack of discernment which he seems to have now rejected. The man is seriously intelligent. I hope he thinks of President Trump as a “courage” mentor because his factor was missing when he ran for the Virginia governorship 5-6 years ago.


    As for birthright citizenship…absolutely NO for any woman here illegally or if a woman comes to the U.S. simply to give birth and returns to her country of origin.

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