Today’s Twitter hits …

The climate change “leaders” never have to deal with the policies they promote. The message is that if you have enough money you can do whatever you like. The rest of us will be forced vegans living in small huts without air conditioning or heat.

So. What can be done about this?

Big Tech isn’t going to voluntarily stop this behavior.

Good point!

He’s right that the IG report won’t get widespread media coverage.

How does AOC get away with this?

Eye witness confirms disgusting story about equally disgusting behavior.

Common sense.

Disgusting pig.

How is it that many of the Dem Presidential candidates have spent most of their lives in “public service”, yet they have net worths in the millions of dollars?

Democrats raising money in Mexico. Amazing.

Another sicko.

Good! That was the intention, wasn’t it?

Good a guess as any.

Another day, another dollar …

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day!

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3 Responses to Today’s Twitter hits …

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Arrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!! My head nearly exploded when I heard her say that. “(she) cried about her mother being “dehumanized” at Israeli checkpoints.” It is because of HER people that proud Americans are being “dehumanized” at airport checkpoints HERE in America. She makes me sick and disgusted. {spit}

    May karma meet you soon, Alyssa Milano, you selfish, witch. 😡

    I wish somebody would do a meme with somebody taking that woman’s knife away from her and stabbing her. But that probably wouldn’t be allowed.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Crooked Hillary made a mistake when she attacked Dr Epstein on twitter Monday. Big mistake. Yuge.

    Dr Epstein, a lifelong Crooked Hillary supporter, was hurt. Then Dr Epstein became angry. Mon night Dr Epstein promised a tweetstorm on Tues.

    Dr Epstein, once again, has delivered.
    Guess Democrats really are not used to people who say what they mean and actually follow through.

    Totally agree with mom above ^^^ (no likes from me anymore, thanks to WordPress!).
    The pseudo-crying terrorist wanna-be would be more upset were her terrorist mama killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber in Israel.

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