Today’s Twitter hits …

It’s nice to know that at least one person is paying for his malfeasance, even if it’s just a  functionary at the IRS.

A perfect example of why we should never trust Politifact. Whenever some lefty brings one of their “judgements” in a political argument, bring this up. Also point out that it was founded by the Tampa Bay Times. Newspapers can’t be trusted.

I understand where this sentiment comes from.

More developing in the Jeffrey Epstein death (if we accept that he’s dead; some don’t). The autopsy shows that he has bones broken in his neck. Twitter reacts.

The gun grabbers – political candidates in particular – call for gun control before the shooting has stopped. Comment by a FB friend:

The Philly shooter – Maurice – has “been arrested about a dozen times since turning 18, and convicted six times on charges that involved illegal possession of guns, drug dealing, and aggravated assault. He has been in and out of prison; the longest sentence handed him came in 2010, when a federal judge gave him a 55-month term.”

Not a giant leap to guess his guns were illegal and he didn’t undergo any background checks, but according to our Presidential Candidates, we need to give up legal guns because of criminals who will have them long after all ours have been confiscated… just look at Mexico, they don’t allow guns. Sure a lot of people killed with guns when they don’t have guns. This will only embolden the criminals knowing all the honest people are disarmed.

Our buddy, MaryfromMarin, is certainly showing her wit today!

I also saw a story on Facebook about how white milk is a symbol of White Supremacy. My question: I wonder what they think about chocolate milk. Probably cultural appropriation.

This idea that requiring ID to vote is racist is one of the strangest twists of logic that I’ve every heard. And they get away with it.

It’s hard to believe that Baptists went along with this. Evil, evil, evil!

Democrat Presidential candidates prefer open borders, and ignore the real dangers like this one.

Oh my. Apparently Epstein had this painting in his New York home? The Twitter wags have come up with some clever Photoshopped versions too.

There is still a bit of hope in my heart that some of these people will pay for their crimes.

Many people are unaware that bubonic plague pops up in the American West from time to time, but usually not in cities.

This woman just doesn’t know when to shut up.

Build the Wall! Fix our immigration laws!

With all the evil in this world, this is a reminder of all of the good people who walk among us. God love and sustain them!

Charlies prayer.

I’m sharing this hymn today in honor of my daughter’s mother-in-law, Ann. She passed away at the end of July, and was buried on August 2. This is the last hymn we sang at her funeral mass, and I have been thinking of it ever since. It was a beautiful service on a beautiful day, and the church was packed with friends and relatives. She was well loved and will be long remembered.


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2 Responses to Today’s Twitter hits …

  1. czarina33 says:

    Alot of shameful stuff in there. Needed the song, prayer and good story at the end.

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