Today’s Twitter hits …

Well. That’s interesting.

Deja vu?

BDS. What a winning issue. /sarc

I’ve been saying that so much of what the left does these days reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. The rest is a matter of the emperor who had no clothes.

Leave it to the New York Times to take a historic anniversary of a proud American accomplishment, and turn it into another tired accusation of racism and sexism.

Idiots. It is sad when the real news is difficult to distinguish from the intentionally fake and funny news from The People’s Cube and Babylon Bee.

Campus Reform spoke to one student on Wednesday who pointed out the unintended consequences of the language guide.

“What about the term ‘African-American’?” third-year student Aaron Allen asked the educational watchdog. “Should I not use that term to describe myself?”

FTA: Analysis conducted by the Pacific Legal Foundation highlights the widespread practice of mid- to low-level bureaucrats issuing rules when they are not authorized to do so.

Bureaucrats being sent to the land they are supposed to oversee. Go West Young Man! (or woman). Actually, I hope they appreciate the beauty they will find there.

We aren’t supposed to notice that this makes no sense.

That’s right, of course, but he was a Kennedy, and they’re different as far as the media is concerned.

Elites are always different, and think they should have different rules for them.

I love this guy lately. He has a good sense of humor for a politician. That’s probably why he gets death threats.

She apparently didn’t have “world peace” as her main goal.


Words from the wise (to Ilhan Omar).

This is really interesting.

Good news!

Charlie’s prayer.

It’s raining cats and dogs here right now! Have a great day.

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1 Response to Today’s Twitter hits …

  1. Lucille says:

    Further to the 9/11 Bill…

    Rand Paul says Jon Stewart is lying in 9/11 victim fund vote criticism

    I like how Paul just kept right on talking when Cavuto tried to interrupt him….

    I’m not a fan of Cavuto’s. I’ll never forget how Cavuto had Dr. Ben Carson on the show right after the “The Tape” was released of President Trump using the P-word. He asked Dr. Carson about it, who said he’d heard much worse in locker rooms. Cavuto just got all aflutter and indicated it’d never happened in an environment he was in. Hahahahahaha!


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