Cartoon of the day …

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6 Responses to Cartoon of the day …

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Deja Vu?

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  2. That’s a true picture, certainly.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Yep, accurate.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Take New Orleans, PLEASE!

    You have a city built on food, booze, partying and drugs. You can walk around the street with an alcoholic drink in your hand as long as it’s not in a glass container. You also find partially consumed drinks in trash cans and sitting on newspaper boxes, power boxes, sills, on the ground – almost anywhere. Ditto food, not to mention local restaurants having free feeds for the homeless as well as a number of homeless missions. Not too many skinny homeless in the city. And then there’s the drugs…

    The homeless are all over, they congregate in the daytime where tourists are, especially in the areas where open festivals are held. They know that they can get handouts from the festival goers and panhandle the Quarter so it’s open season.

    They usually congregate under the elevated I-10 that runs through the city, it has an elevated area structure on the bottom that keeps them safe from traffic and the elevated roadbed gives them shade and cover from rain. At its worst it becomes a huge open air campground for blocks.

    The homeless embarrassed the city so it embarked on a program to house them. Many of the city’s housed residents live in substandard housing but the city had to take care of the homeless – they were more visible. The city found and funded housing programs and, for a while, the usual homeless parks were empty. Then, I guess, word got around and suddenly the herd of homeless are back, numbers replenished, awaiting the city to house and feed them – problem is that now real estate’s at a premium.

    What’s to do, what’s to do? I’m waiting for the progressive city pols to start demanding that folks renting houses or apartments start renting to city subsidized residents at city controlled prices. The city already tried to impose city-mandated requirements in all rental units, with owner-paid,city-employed inspectors regularly checking property for compliance. That died but the course has been set.

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