Today’s Twitter hits …

Compare these two situations. The second one explains the first one. VP Pence is right – don’t spend time alone with a woman not your wife. It’s a good thing that someone had video of the Trump campaign event.

No, sweetie. It’s because you are a pain in the butt, and not very smart.

So true!

Horse feathers. Citizens are of all races. Asking if someone is a citizen isn’t racist.

Yes, they are. Good thing they won’t be coming to the White House.

Unfortunately, the Democrats secretly view the crisis at the border as a feature rather than a problem. A completely broken immigration system serves their goals – to break all of our systems so they can set up systems the way they want them.

Great reply!

The Iranians attempting to start something. It’s concerning, but they haven’t done very well so far.

Hmmmm. Shouldn’t be allowed.

Interesting. And surprising. Somebody was listening yesterday.

Amazing, isn’t it?

LOVE this!

Morning prayer.

Have a beautiful day!

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5 Responses to Today’s Twitter hits …

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Wow. A bunch of really meaty tweets today. AOC and her posse are just a bunch of wackadoodles that are dangerous. I am glad they are making Pelosi’s life miserable, though. 🙂

    The stupid liberal feminists have now pushed the whole freedom for women thing too far and it is coming back to bite women in the behind. Men have woken up to the danger that being left alone with a female can be in this “believe the woman” era, because they can lie and it has been exhibited to be happening.

    Stella, I like you ending with the Charlie Daniels’ prayer and then the music.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Think of the Yuge upside of Fake News Feminazis losing out on covering campaigns – if enough campaigns deny access and Fake News subsequently deny reporting on said campaigns, it will speed the destruction of Fake News, as voters will seek news elsewhere. Winning all around.

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    • stella says:

      The news is usually so bad that we need prayer and music to carry us through the day, I think. Any suggestions welcome!

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Re: O’Keefe – why? Why did WaPo do this? WaPo admitted no guilt. That is not an apology. That is a watered down version of what they said before.

    Read this morning that Ben Garrison had been dis-invited from the White House social media thingy. Apparently one of Garrison’s cartoons was mutilated by another user, featuring Jews as the bad guys, and the ADL complained. Sad.

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