Today’s Cartoon

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5 Responses to Today’s Cartoon

  1. auscitizenmom says:



  2. czarina33 says:

    And remember, illegal immigrants are just exactly the same as native born US citizens… …….


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yeah, except they aren’t educated, don’t speak English, or have the same culture we do. Other than that, just the same.

      I wanted to thank you again. It really helped to share what you said with my friend. She calmed down a little and contacted the hospital, who told her they couldn’t do anything, BUT, they gave her some telephone numbers of some people who might help. 🙂 She she made a few calls today. It turns out the woman did leave the hospital without checking out. She lied and told my friend they were supposed to deliver oxygen, which she really needs. So a call to the hospital proved that to be wrong. They would have set it up, but she left. What a nightmare.

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      • czarina33 says:

        And your friend is not responsible legally for anything the problem pt does . Her job is to make decisions if problem pt is not awake & aware and able to make her own decisions. And friend can decide if she does not want that responsibility.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          Yes. I think she should back out, but I doubt she will. She wants to make it better. I think there are some things that she can fix to help the situation.

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