Today’s Twitter hits …

I’d like my dream home and my dream car too, but I get what I can pay for.

YouTube should be ashamed – but they aren’t. The video is available on Vimeo and, I believe, on BitChute, as well as the Project Veritas website.

It matters because most of us must follow the law.

More Fake News from the Washington Post.

More censorship. As long as these businesses are protected as “platforms”, they should start acting like platforms instead of publishers.

This woman is off her rocker (not Candace), and I too commend Anderson Cooper for his professionalism in the face of lunacy.

Too many places in our country are ruled by lunatics.

Juan Williams never disappoints as the loonie on The Five!

I’ve always wondered about that. (not really)

This morning’s prayer.

Have a wonderful day!

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17 Responses to Today’s Twitter hits …

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Two videos gone. 😦


  2. czarina33 says:

    We were a middle class family, 2 working parents in the 1960’s. My sister did 4 years at a private, Catholic college, living at home, taking a 2 hour bus ride each way for the first year, then paying for a used car the other 3 years; working part time evenings & weekends throughout, and her teaching scholarship required her to “pay back” with 4 years of teaching in the public schools. She graduated magna cum laude. I went to a public university on the same teaching scholarship. Dream school! Hah! This was an education to get a job which paid my bills when I graduated. I am sooooo tired of this foolishness. Maybe Al Gore and the children of other congresspersons can afford those expensive dream schools. Public schools are reasonably priced, and a perfectly adequate education, so long as the students study something practical.

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    • stella says:

      My daughter had a small scholarship from our state, attended several schools for the first three years of her college, mostly at our local community college while living at home with me. She went on to finish her degree at night at a top 10 school, Northwestern University, while working full time. She did take out a loan to help with her costs there, and finally graduated Summa Cum Laude when she was 29!

      I helped her when I could, but she did it herself, and paid off her loan herself. She now has an excellent job, which enables her to pay her own son’s tuition.

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  3. bjosz says:

    Great tweets today, Stella! I loved the “Sailing” video. Thanks 🙂

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  4. Menagerie says:

    My favorite today is the one about blue collar workers paying the college tuition for others. Quite a point there.

    We had three sons, and my college classes came 100% out of our pocket as I tried to fit in classes, work, and motherhood. I stopped just six classes short of my degree, nine had I finished with a minor in Math like I planned. It never occurred to me to seek financial aid, and I don’t think there was any back then.

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