This morning’s Twitter hits …

Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President. What do you think?

This woman truly is mentally ill. Very sad.

What will they think of next?

But will Obama answer for his crimes? I doubt it.

I agree with Brit.

She’s right. And he’s stupid.

No words.

Good news! May it continue.

Only logical …

Can’t wait, Mr. President!

Can’t expect them to be logical …

Good question.

You go girl!

Today’s morning prayer.

Surf’s up!

Have a great day!


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7 Responses to This morning’s Twitter hits …

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Heavy bunch of tweets today. Rachel Dolezal IS sick in the head. Next, she will be saying she is actually half plant/half human. 🙄

    It DOES matter how many people come out to see President Trump no matter what anybody says in their “polls”.

    I don’t care if Trump for President paid for Diamond and Silk. They have tirelessly supported him from the beginning and probably have a lot to do with support from the black community. They are actively and aggressively supportive.

    That video of that man begging for his child’s life was pitiful.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      There was a part 2 to that tweet, even more heartbreaking, if that is possible –

      That poor young man.
      The replies to Kay Fellows tweet were despicable. Rachel Dolezal’s mental illness is widespread.
      Lord willing, may all those people receive what they deserve according to His Will.

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      • auscitizenmom says:


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      • Lucille says:

        The videos aren’t playable on my computer; so I don’t know if the words between the two were intelligible. But I’d wager that knowing the life of his child was going to snuffed out in the next few minutes was horrible enough, but adding into it the realization that his woman despised him must have been devastating. It’s awful to contemplate that her complete brainwashing makes every pro-abortion person ecstatic.

        This beautiful photo illustrated an article on adoption. The campaigns against abortion must be accompanied by appealing campaigns for adoption. Choose LIFE!

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        • MaryfromMarin says:

          I was adopted. My birth mother wanted me to LIVE. I thank God for her gift of life to me.

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          • Lucille says:

            May your mother, wherever she may be and whatever her life has been, know deep in her heart that you are grateful for the gift of life she gave to you. Yes, thank God.

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          • My mom was adopted. I found her birth family starting in 2000, she was 60 then. Her half sisters said that their dad was an alcoholic & my mom was “lucky” to grow up elsewhere. I think it was God’s blessing that she was raised by decent, God-fearing parents. Mom has 3 kids, 11 grandkids & 3 step-grands, now there are also 4 kids-in-law (including one ex) & 6 grandkids-in-law & everyone of these people are Strong Christians! One kid’s marriage broke & one grandkid’s marriage is shaky…but still these are overall great testimonies for these times.

            Mom’s birth-mother was 14 when she got pregnant & 15 when she gave birth & her birth-father was 17 at her birth. Her birth-mom wanted to keep the baby but her family wouldn’t allow it so sent her away to have the child secretly.

            Both birth parents were dead before I found the families but ultimately Mom & I met some of her relations including maternal & paternal aunts. Her birth-dad’s sister was shocked to know that her brother had had a secret baby that she’d never known about. Some family members didn’t believe the story until observing the birth-dad’s signature on the original birth certificate. His dad had helped pay for the care of Mom’s birth-mother during her “confinement”.

            Anyway, like you, I am so thankful for the gift of Life that Mom’s birthmother bestowed on all of us…& God is continuing to bring about Kingdom Fruit through that New Life all Mom’s descendants share in. Blessings!

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