This morning’s Twitter hits …

The craziness of leftist thinking produces these results in a city that has the highest average monthly income in the world! [NBC] [Business Insider]

Democrats continue to interfere in International relations, and get away with it. First Kerry, now Feinstein.

How do they get away with this crap?

Yup. Although I believe that credit card rates for some are equivalent to loan sharks, I understand the dilemma.

The activists judges need to be STOPPED!

The world is crazy. At least some of us are. Reminds me of the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. It’s right there to see, but some refuse to see it.

You tell them!

Have a wonderful day!

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20 Responses to This morning’s Twitter hits …

  1. stella says:

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I love that song by Mama Cass. There is something about the tone of her voice that makes it better than versions by others.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Feinstein is a traitor. Period. Activist judges need to be pulled off the bench. And, judges whose rulings get overturned 90% of the time need to be removed.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    AOC’s plan to cap interest rates reminds me of the Nixon Era wage and price controls (cobwebs starting to clear?). It never really works.

    Banks are charging ridiculous rates, it seems, but you have to look at the costs to them of those credit cards. Not only do they have to pay for the system that immediately records, verifies, distributes and calculates the millions of daily credit card purchases but they have to eat the considerable losses sustained from fraudulent use and bankruptcy. They ain’t going broke but it’s expensive.

    The average American has about $6000 inj CC debt though if you count those who also pay off their monthly purchases when billed it’s closer to $10,000. We buy almost everything on CCs as we get either air miles or cash back – another cost factor the CC issuers have to deal with. We have excellent credit but we still have our lowest interest rate at around 12% with the others at around 14%. We could get a slightly lower rate but then we’d have to forego the cash back or air miles – it’s the cost of doing business.

    A lot more folks than those on the edge will lose their cards, banks will start calculating their total ‘take’ from an individual’s projected use and use a profile to determine an individual’s profitability and their potential losses. They may not cancel the individual’s card but come renew time…

    The credit card accounts for some 30% of all purchases in the US and fewer CCs means fewer CC purchases. So much of US commerce depends on CC purchases it will have a ripple effect and cause even more CC losses as the banks adjust profiles to account for income losses, a big chunk of US prosperity depends upon ‘buy now/pay later’ plans.

    Democrats, especially (it seems) Latino and Black ones, have no idea how our economy works, they think all they have to do is order a wholesale redistribution of wealth as money rains freely from the sky and the wealthy just damn up the revenue streams. Then again if you look at those Hispanic dicktators and the Moslem Baathists none of them look like they’ve missed a meal or Mercedes ‘year end’ sale lately. I’m betting AOC is just a mouthy Latina despot in training.

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  5. Lucille says:

    Re Ruth For Congress…in the era when credit card interest was tax deductible, the interest rates were low. Then when that tax deduction was cancelled… in what, the 90s?…interest rates went up…that never made any sense to me. How about banking institutions NOT offering credit cards to those without enough of a salary to cover expenses? Credit is not a Constitutional right.

    Regarding personal responsibility, some thoughts…how many of those who use credit cards FOR RENT have expensive cell phones, laptops, a car, or eat out a lot? What about having a bunch of roommates to share expenses? What about car pooling or riding public transportation? How about taking night courses so you can get a better-paying job? Perhaps household economics and money management should be a required high school course.


    • stella says:

      The big problem is that if a person pays late because they are living on a knife edge already, then the credit card company RAISES the borrowing rate, making it even more difficult to pay off the debt, and more likely that the person defaults.


  6. Good catches, stella.

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