This morning’s Twitter hits …

Michael Avenatti is a soulmate of the lefties in the media. At least they were as long as he was attacking Donald Trump. A savior of the Republic? A candidate for President? Please.

The media seriously overestimate their powers to evaluate people, and if this isn’t a case of the Dunning-Kruger effect, then I clearly don’t understand what it is.

I don’t believe polls, particularly this far from the election, and Biden is a lightweight and a corrupt politician, anyway.

Idiots. PATRIOTS love their country!

Pelosi’s statement that she prayed for the President is merely a passive-aggressive way of attacking him. A political stunt. I’m surprised she hasn’t been struck by lightning.

Disgusting people. Read the NPR “style guide”. They are sure to make the point that there is no baby inside a pregnant woman, but a fetus. It is not a baby until it is born, say they. I spit in their general direction.

This what the ignorant don’t understand (or refuse to consider) about abortion and the mental health of the mother.

Charlie’s morning prayer. A good way to start the day.


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3 Responses to This morning’s Twitter hits …

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    That “I’ll pray for him” from Nancy was just a slap to the President.

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  2. JTR says:

    She needs to be praying for herself and her own party!

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  3. Glen De Lough says:

    The Democrats are desperately seeking a candidate for the 2020 presidential run and they will turn anyone into a hero if they bash President Trump.

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