When Some Films Are Banned, Only Outlaws Will Have Banned Films

This is really bad. The theory is that with the increase of the streaming of movies, the prerecorded DVD will practically disappear, just like the VHS tape. The really, really, bad part is that the social justice warriors (SJW’s) will have control over what movies are acceptable to watch, and which ones will not.

The reason why DVD’s will eventually disappear is because it is so much more profitable to sell movies via streaming.

The reason why SJW’s will see that certain movies aren’t seen is because they think they know better than we do what we should watch.


When the day comes that only a handful of major streaming services – Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and soon Disney and Apple and others that fund the creation of content and control the content that you are able to view — then some films and television series that are now or in the future considered politically incorrect will begin to disappear.

As the Home Theater Review article also points out (and something I mentioned a few months ago on Ricochet as well), about a year ago, Oppo, arguably the manufacturer of the finest UHD and Blu-ray disc players, exited the market which was essentially the canary-in-the-coalmine signal for what was to come. It remains to be seen whether the more mainstream brands will follow suit – Sony and Samsung in particular. Sony seems to be increasing its market share in the UHD TV market but on the content front, challenged by Netflix, Amazon, and others. If Sony (which owns Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, and Screen Gems) can continue to compete on producing movies that consumers find compelling, then their studio production and distribution efforts may survive for a time … or Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Disney may start to chip away at them.

My recommendation? If there are any films you want to own, buy them now. I bought my personal copy of Blazing Saddles a few months ago. The Passion of the Christ (pictured above) is another potential candidate. Others mentioned in various articles on the internet are:

  • Song of the South. Uncle Remus is a no-no.
  • The Last Temptation of Christ.
  • A Clockwork Orange. Prints weren’t available in the UK for 20 years (til 1999).
  • The Birth of a Nation. Racist.

Any candidates for the list?

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12 Responses to When Some Films Are Banned, Only Outlaws Will Have Banned Films

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Years ago I bought a copy of the original Blazing Saddles with all the inappropriate language in it. I had started watching it on TV and all the funny stuff was actually blanked out. Guess I need to go through all my John Wayne movies and make sure they are good copies.

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  2. litenmaus says:

    I’m of a mind that any movie that features ‘nationalists’ will become difficult to find.

    Scarecrow (Disney)
    Swamp Fox (Disney)
    The Scarlet Pimpernel

    I don’t think the Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder movies would fare well either.

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  3. MaryfromMarin says:

    The original “Fantasia”.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Outlaw huh? hmmm…
    Well, guess it is better than being called a criminal.

    These movies will eventually be banned, imo, but they will never die. Not as long as the dark web and torrenters are still around, and both are still here.
    When the PC police eventually lose, which they will, the torrenters will clean out their dusty attics and resurrect the formerly-banned oldies but goodies.
    Meanwhile, we will continue enjoying any film/tv show offline, in the privacy of our own homes.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    Some documentaries that were made before the current shift to the Orwellian Left, especially ones about 911, are already starting to evaporate. I started saving mine long ago, plus a PC that has a CD reader. You never can tell when they’ll change formats.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I’ve noticed that some 911-related documentaries that were for sale at Amazon are now available only on streaming where, like books on Kindle Bezos might not agree with, can be made to disappear. Neo-Left fascism digital book burning.

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  6. nyetneetot says:

    There was a huge list of films that for one reason or another never made it to VHS or DVD..
    There was a company in California that would make one off DVD’s for individuals under a home use license from that list. It’s been over a decade since I last used their service, and I can no longer find the film list or company.

    Smiley (1956)

    Hand in Hand (1961)

    A list of films

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  7. Doc Moore says:

    WOW!! Why had I never realized this? What a profound insight. Every one of those companies are owned by Progressive Fascists, aka SJWs, aka lowest forms of life. This is exactly what is already happening at Google and Youtube. Content bias is undeniable, obvious, and if hard-media goes away, and it easily could, history will be in the hands of the criminals, the Socialists, the enemies of America. Here is a business opportunity for inventive ways to ensure preservation of content choice. ANY ideas, gimme a shout. We’ll build a company on it.

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    • stella says:

      The only place I know of that has everything is the Library of Congress. I suppose that if something disappears (ala Fahrenheit 451), patriots could set up a sharing network where those who have a hard copy of a video could reproduce it and share.


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