Kellyanne Conway: Executive privilege is on the table

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4 Responses to Kellyanne Conway: Executive privilege is on the table

  1. Doc Moore says:

    Kelly Anne made one serious misstatement. She said, the Democrats also represent people in the United States. NO. Obviously they do not. What is the last thing you recall the Democrat you voted for DOING ANYTHING, other than supporting Trump hate? It’s not there. They represent NO ONE who voted for them. They represent instead, the global Socialist – Progressive – Fascist powers that have been trying to win control of America for many, many decades.

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    • 100% with ‘ya, Doc.

      And they represent themselves.

      They represent darkness, death, lies, subterfuge, treachery, perversion and just plain evil.

      We represent light, life, truth, transparency, honesty, godly morality, and just plain goodness.

      They represent Satan, the father of lies who is their father.

      We represent God Who is our Father, and Jesus Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

      They are apart from rest of us. And God.


    • Tafur says:

      I say you can take it back to the 1960s with regards to Democrat actions. Their actions since the 1960s have allowed to this point where many people are not shocked. They want control of America so they can destroy it.


  2. Tafur says:

    I agree with Kellyanne. However, she probably needs to limit her words.
    I do not have to limit anything. The US Constitution and therefore America is on the table, more like the chopping block.

    There was a major push for a new constitution by 2020. Not in 2020, but by 2020. The goal was set a while ago. I heard about it a couple of decades ago. I believe in the 1960s, the US was put on a path implode. These goals may be from 2 separate groups or efforts, I don’t know because I am not part of the groups. However, if my assessment is wrong, “What Was the Purpose of What Has Been Done”?

    I have intentionally shorted this because I don’t know if anyone cares.


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