Debanking: Chase Bank “moral character” a Reason They Don’t Do Business w/ “those types of people”

Project Veritas:

PJ Media:

So, what happens when banks and credit card companies target people for their political views? Do we need to build our own banks, too?

Activist Laura Loomer, who has already been banned by PayPal, claims she had her account suspended by Chase Bank.

Enrique Tarrio, the black leader of the Proud Boys, a group that has laughably been branded a white supremacist organization by liberals, was also suspended by Chase. So was Martina Markota. And Joe Biggs, who made enough of a stink that Chase reluctantly gave him his account back.

Banking is one of the most heavily regulated industries in America for a good reason – and it’s not just because the bankers can steal your money. The idea that citizens could be cut off from using a bank because of their political views is extremely dangerous. Imagine going to your bank and being told to produce your voter registration before you’re allowed to open an account or get a credit card. If Chase is allowed to do this, we are taking a step into that world. A world where your political views could keep you from being able to get credit or run a business. Certainly, there are an awful lot of liberals who would love to see us enter a world like that. In fact, there was a column in the New York Times last year calling for weaponizing the financial industry in exactly this way to shut down the gun industry as part of an effort to deny Americans their Second Amendment rights.

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3 Responses to Debanking: Chase Bank “moral character” a Reason They Don’t Do Business w/ “those types of people”

  1. czarowniczy says:

    One seldom sees the words ‘bank’ and ‘moral character’ in the same sentence without the modifier ‘lack of’ in the sentence too.

    These are the guys and gals who engineered the mortgage derivative meltdown, who move drug money, who hid and managed Nazi and Communist deposits for decades, who deal with the foreign despots of the world…I don’t think they’re suddenly going to develop morals when it comes to dealing with moneyed conservatives.

    Shall we weight the possibilities that the bank’s spokesperson was just saying what they thought the caller wanted to hear in order to get the caller’s business? After all, you don’t see or hear of major banks flaunting who uses their services, I’m betting that if someone purporting to be from the Alt-Right called up, said they wanted to drop a few mill in the bank but didn’t want to be associated with a bank that catered to the Left the spokesperson would brag about his autographed pictures of Charlton Heston and John Wayne. Money doesn’t know politics.


    • stella says:

      Of course there are their actions which go along with the words.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Their actions are calculated. Not all banks, for example, are taking an anti-gun stance. My credit cards all still work quite well on gun/ammo sites and where Paypal doesn’t work on some gun sites I can buy gun parts with it on non-gun sites. Even eBay sells ‘legal’ gun parts.

        Banks don’t care where $$$$ comes from as long as their dealings can be hidden or explained away. Back to Chicago and the Mexican cartel operations there that made more in profits yearly than the Chicago Mercantile Exchange – they got that money moved how?

        The outrage after the 07-08 bank meltdown brought the Dodd-Frank regulations into place to rein in banking adventurism but many of the stops have been rolled back. Let’s face it, money is king and the banks hold the court, they basically own the money and it will only get worse as money transitions from something tangible to something digital. We ain’t seen nothing yet.


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