Fox News Sunday – Sarah Sanders

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3 Responses to Fox News Sunday – Sarah Sanders

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Loved the way Sarah controlled this interview. Sarah is def a keeper.
    KellyAnne Conway is my least fav person in Pres Trump’s administration and is never ever to be trusted, but her over-talking style has certainly rubbed off on Sarah, to Sarah’s betterment. imo
    thx 4 the vid, Stella

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  2. Doc Moore says:

    It is a brilliant idea. One of the most perfect ideas we’ve seen from the White House, and there have been many very, very good ideas. Few this ideal. It helps the poor people who the bstard Democrats are victimizing purely to resist Trump and hurt America. And it puts those same hypocritical lying Democrats right in the spotlight to stand for what they SAY they want…to join America and start helping out, or to prove to us all, once again, that they are nothing more than parasitical, traitorous liars.


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