President Trump Greets World War ll Veterans

Great to see these WWII vets. Not many left.

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2 Responses to President Trump Greets World War ll Veterans

  1. stella says:

    My brother, many of my cousins, and good friends (now sadly departed) fought in WWII. Great men. They are missed. (PS: I’m the baby cousin)


    • stella says:

      One of my best friends, JJ, was born in 1927 and went off to fight in the Army as an 18-yr old in France and Germany. His funniest story was about how he had to transport the prisoners of war to and from the camp, and he didn’t know how to drive. He learned, with the help of the prisoners! His other stories were about how he had a thriving black market in cigarettes in southern France. He sent the money home to his widowed mama.

      My brother Bob was born in 1926 and joined the Navy when he was 17. His ship, the hospital ship USS Comfort, was hit by a kamikaze pilot off Okinawa 23 April, 1945. The plane crashed through three decks exploding in surgery which was filled with medical personnel and patients. Casualties were 28 killed (including six nurses, one of whom was his sweetheart), and 48 wounded, with considerable damage to the ship.


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