Live: Bill Barr faces Congress for the first time since Mueller probe ended

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5 Responses to Live: Bill Barr faces Congress for the first time since Mueller probe ended

  1. jeans2nd says:

    No patience or time for watching flaming psycho-paths and out-of-control conspiracy nutters today. Hopefully you will put up the vid l8r; will have a listen tomorrow while taking out the trash and cleaning out the garage (apropos…)
    Thanks, Stella.

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    • stella says:

      I did listen to it, but you’re probably right to decide not to. It was supposed to be about the DOJ budget, but most of it was about “The Mueller Report”. Are you surprised?

      Barr says the redacted report will be out next week, but of course that doesn’t satisfy many of our Dem “friends”. They MUST have the full report to review!

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Oh, Stella, am hearing AG Barr said he would color-code the redactions.

        Dear Lord In Heaven, save us from these people.
        Democrats/Lawfare will now begin an intensive psycho-analysis (analysis done by psychos) on why Barr chose this color for one set of redactions and not this color, and what were Barr’s intentions in choosing that color and not this one, and what were Barr’s intended hidden message(s) in said color, and on and on and on…

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        • lovely says:

          I saw that Barr is going to color code the redactions and I laughed loud enough to scare my dogs.

          This is a clear poke in the eye to the democrats, he is treating them like stupid people and doing so on a very public stage. Maybe the report will come with a decoder ring!


          Bravo, AG Barr, bravo!

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          • jeans2nd says:

            lolol That was my first thought too, and was bravo-ing right along with ya, not to mention the clear eye poke.
            Then thought of the Lawfare people, and the dread of listening to hours more Lawfare silliness.
            Ever listen to those guys? Takes a strong Constitution (literally) to hear such illogical minds working.
            Like the decoder ring idea. Tax dollars well-spent.

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