Kirstjen Nielsen resigns as Homeland Security secretary

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4 Responses to Kirstjen Nielsen resigns as Homeland Security secretary

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    IMO, finally!!!

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  2. bjosz says:

    Very good presentation! So sick of the dimwits doing their best to destroy our USA!


  3. lovely says:

    Good get out of here.

    Also President Trump fired the Director of Secret Service.

    Stephen Miller is playing a larger role. I see Miller in the same light as I see Scavino and Schiller. Loyal. Loyal to President Trump, loyal to America.

    I’m wondering if the whole China spy-club in Mar-a Lago is forcing President Trump’s hand to speed up the trip to the guillotine for some folks.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    In truth it’s gotta be tough to be DHS honcho under a President who doesn’t need you to spy on the citizens of this country. I was with DHS on Day One, also Northcom, and we watched the ground plans for both go right out the window as they both started to morph into something else. Then again anyone who’d been in the government for more than a month knew that was going to happen.

    When you look at DHS and the various disparate units that make it up it’s a huge fulminating mass of bureaucrats all vying for position while workers try to do work second guessed by folks who generally don’t have the foggiest (and generally couldn’t care less) about those boots-on-ground folks. Immigration and Naturalization, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, just to name a few. Overlapping areas of responsibility with each having its own internal bureaucratic swamp competing for attention, position and resources. You have communications intercept folks too, some digging thru private mail – oops, USPS lookout, you’ll be absorbed by The Blob next.

    You have one poor political appointee trying to ride herd over a monstrous sea of moving bodies and slithering professional bureaucrats. I’d rather live in a cardboard box over a subway grate than be HMFWIC of DHS.


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