Project Veritas: Florida Voters Upset People in NY Voting in Their Name – Faces Of Voter Fraud #2

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3 Responses to Project Veritas: Florida Voters Upset People in NY Voting in Their Name – Faces Of Voter Fraud #2

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Florida’s had a problem (at least as we define it) with part-time New England residents having
    a driver’s licence in both states and voting in both states. I’m surprised that, with the new and supposedly secure Federally mandated DL program that this dual-licencing crap still goes on. Then again it’s run by humans…government employed humans.

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  2. Doc Moore says:

    I don’t think anyone truly doubts that voter fraud happens. It has always happened, probably much worse in the past than today due to technological improvements. The question is: HOW MANY ILLEGAL VOTES WERE CAST? Was it enough to influence the election? Veritas utterly blew their first episode by revealing a man who did not vote twice for the same candidates. This episode is a bit better, but it just doesn’t make any difference at all if one or two people do it. FIND THE PROOF that a few tens of thousands did it.


    • stella says:

      May I ask why you are against looking into illegal voting? Do you have something in particular against Project Veritas? You say that the first episode was not truthful, and that neither of the episodes are of any significance. I disagree strongly. Voting in two jurisdictions is illegal, whether or not the man in question thought he was justified in doing so, and exposing examples of voting identity theft is important, because it indicates that there might be some kind of organized attempt to do so.

      FIND THE PROOF, you say. Perhaps they will, or perhaps they will merely expose that illegal voting is occurring and that it might be just the tip of the iceberg. In either case, it is useful to know.

      Why do you leap to the conclusion that since tens of thousands haven’t been exposed on the first try that they don’t exist? Yes, it could make a difference if only a few votes were cast illegally. And illegal is illegal, whether one or two do it, or thousands do.

      I imagine that more information will follow in future episodes.


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