President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor

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5 Responses to President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor

  1. Lucille says:

    Sorry to have missed it but assume it’ll be on the White House channel shortly.


  2. stella says:

    Donald J. Trump
    7 mins ยท

    Today, I posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant Travis W. Atkins for his extraordinary heroism on June 1, 2007.

    Staff Sergeant Atkins’ heroic actions, costing him his life, are credited with saving the lives of his fellow soldiers.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    I remember the 10th anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial at the Superdome. We had 14 Medal of Honor awardees at the ceremony, a gather that is only exceeded by their yearly meeting. It was impressive sitting with them out on the concourse, they were all different ages.

    It was funny that when you call one of them a hero he’ll generally disagree with you, saying they was just doing the job he was paid to do. Mention that you couldn’t imagine yourself doing that you’ll generally hear something like ‘neither could I, I just did it’. It was an amazing assemblage, I never expect to see something like that again.

    A lot of them have passed since, as have many of us who built the Memorial. The rest of us are winking out at an increasing rate. First went the Civil War monuments, next will come World Wars, Korean War and the Vietnam memorials as the new Left waves find causes to redefine as they make their marks. We’ll be long gone, however, and there’ll be no one left who really cares.

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