Watch: President Trump speaks to reporters after Mueller Report summary is released

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3 Responses to Watch: President Trump speaks to reporters after Mueller Report summary is released

  1. Lucille says:

    It’s wonderful, of course, that President Trump has been vindicated in the whole Russian collusion lie…somewhat. But Mueller is a total skunk and considering his completely open mandate to investigate anything and everything, this report is a farce.

    Certain writers are convinced that there are dozens, maybe hundreds of grand jury findings and indictments ready to be revealed by Huber and Horowitz now that they can’t be accused of interfering with Mueller. I hope and pray I’m wrong and will celebrate along with all patriots if I am…however, I think this is it. Nothing will happen to any Democrat, certainly not Hillary or BHO.

    Even if President Trump opens the books and reveals everything, all the DOJ miscreants, all the FBI criminals, all the CIA personnel such as Nellie Ohr will likely walk. McCabe might pay but only a teensy bit. That’s how cynical I am.

    Mueller is a co-conspirator in the attempt to remove Donald Trump from office. He and his pals got paid big bucks for this totally incomplete Russian interference report. Where are the indictments agains the Dems? Shredded along with the evidence. This group of disgusting Trump haters strung it out as long as they could to keep the paychecks coming in, all the while harassing, intimidating, using the power of the SC position to terrorize innocent Americans like Stone’s wife.

    Look at this…
    “STUNNING: Without Examining DNC Server or Offering ANY PROOF – Mueller Still Claims DNC Was Hacked by Russia and Sent Emails to WikiLeaks!”

    From now on we should not call the dark forces willing to overthrow the government the DEEP STATE. We should call them MUELLER’S MINIONS. It all makes me sick.


  2. Lucille says:

    Collusion: The Greatest Hoax In US Political History! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!


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