Tweet of the day – and it is terrible

For those who don’t know, Eric Bolling, a former Fox personality, lost his son to opioids – he took a Xanax that had been laced with Fentanyl. Eric now works for The Blaze.

This tweet shows Eric explaining what happened to him recently in Washington.

What is happening in our society? Why would someone want to do this, and think it is a good idea? To what purpose?

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8 Responses to Tweet of the day – and it is terrible

  1. MTeresa says:

    Honestly, this makes me sick to my stomach. There is such beauty in the world. I pray for these Antifa-type people to turn their lives around.

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  2. Re-Farmer says:

    How utterly despicable!

    And yet, I have no doubt that this person is part of the “acceptance and tolerance” crowd that feels they are justified in doing this sort of thing to those they don’t accept or tolerate, because they feel their targets are non-accepting and intolerant.

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  3. rheavolans says:

    You can lay cash money down on the fact that if Eric Bolling had done this to that man, if the roles had been reversed, CNN’s hysteria over the incident would be so high-pitched that only dogs and dolphins would be able to hear the whole thing.

    Democrats are evil. Enough said. They are the children who were never punished for anything they did wrong while they were growing up and Republicans, like the mothers who foist these beasts on society, merely comfort them while they have their temper tantrums, instead of punishing them.

    Why would someone do this? Because thanks in part to Republican refusal to do anything other than take the Democrats bad behavior as it comes, this man knew he’d be a hero for doing it. If Bolling had done it to this man, Bolling would be the monster.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Why. The question with no answer The question with only one answer – Evil. Satan. Beelzebub. The Devil.
    Sometimes a well-placed “May Jesus rescue your soul from the depths of its hell” is a better rejoinder than a well-placed curse. You will feel better afterwards, if nothing else.

    A parent never rebounds from the loss of their child, not to my knowledge, anyway.
    May Our Lord bless Eric Bolling and his family, and may Eric find some peace in the Everlasting Arms underneath. Deut 33:27
    This has not come to stay, it has come to pass.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    Partially on-topic here is the new analgesic being produced which is 5 to 10 times stronger than fentanyl and far more deadly. We were just discussing the other day that fentanyl and its new clones would be great assassination devices; not only would the target be dead but could be blamed for his/her own death due to opiod abuse. Watch for future opioid deaths in unusual people…time for me to take my meds and adjust my tin foil helmet.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    Larry O’Conner spoke with Eric Bolling about this, this afternoon on O’Conner’s radio show.
    Coincidentally, Bolling was sitting with that kid Hayden Whatsits, the kid who was sucker-punched at Berkeley. That is Hayden’s voice on the vid saying “That’s what they want you to do.”

    The entire thing was a set-up, and Bolling is trying to find out who is behind the kids who did this. Really interesting interview w/Eric Bolling. 8:22

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