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Not only do those ugly towers blight the landscape and chop up birds, their shadows and noise negatively affect the health of humans and livestock in the vicinity.

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  1. czarowniczy says:

    Then there’s the issue of what a kilowatt hour of wind energy really costs. Not only are the costs of building and maintaining the turbine at issue but the question of how much is the tax payer buying the wind power paying in Federal subsidies to the producers?

    To me there’s also the issue that wind and solar power areas are devoid of trees that could be planted to act as carbon traps. If you use areas such as deserts where vegetation is not an issue that’s one thing, but in inland areas you have wind turbines competing with trees in a big way. And then you have the issue of cost/efficiency of individual turbines:

    Photovoltaic is looking better all the time.

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