More on the AOC Cartel – a dangerous, but quiet, movement

What is a cartel? In the realm of politics, an alliance of parties or interests to further common aims. AOC seems to have been chosen for the role of Congresswoman, to represent a political cartel. Remember these two earlier posts?

AOC’s Chief of Staff admires Indian leader who allied with the Nazis?

The brains behind the mouth? (Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez)

Here is more about the group who chose AOC to act as their proxy in Congress. And she’s only the first of many, if they succeed.

The author of the video makes this comment – NOTE: I switched up some of the dates on these videos I’m showing so they’re all wrong. Sorry guys. Pay no attention to the dates.


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4 Responses to More on the AOC Cartel – a dangerous, but quiet, movement

  1. Menagerie says:

    Watched the video Stella. He lays out things logically, and I already believed she was a pawn. A lot of people have decided to circumvent our system of government.

    Year in and year out I ask myself how people can be so stupid.

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    • stella says:

      And the stupid seem to gravitate to the evil ones …

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    • Richard says:

      How can people be so stupid?


      1) Indoctrinate them with one-sided, politically Left “history” and sociology in school, pretending that America has always been wrong and evil, and that Democrats have been trying to fix the country for 150 years.
      2) Inundate them daily with Left-leaning propaganda that proclaims Leftist opinions are correct and just, and any who oppose them are mental Neanderthals or just plain evil.

      My apologies to Neanderthals.


  2. jeans2nd says:

    Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly discussed this last Thursday in their weekly discussion. Both have researched Commie Chick and came to similar conclusions. Thankfully Beck uploaded a shortened clip 3:06
    “…no political participation in anything while at Boston University…”
    “We also know she made a video praising Adam Smith, which is the exact opposite of socialism.”

    Jason Goodman interviewed the guy who is Mr Reagan. This one is longer, 45:28, and must be sped up as Goodman speaks infuriatingly slow, but gives more detail.
    Call me cynical, but were political candidates not always auditioned and promoted? Just never by people like this.

    Was thinking last night, in the late 60s and 70s, their modus operandi was bombings and killing people. Now they infiltrate our political systems to sabotage from within. Which is worse? idk
    They are all evil, and will always be with us. Somehow we must find our way back to teaching values and virtues.

    Also researched and listened to some interviews with that Mahgdalen Rose. 19 years old, and quite the Andrew Breitbart. There is hope.


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