CLOSER LOOK: Who is Rep. Ilhan Omar?

I loved Glenn Beck when he worked at Fox News, because he did this kind of reporting/educating. Some of this I knew already, but not all of it, particularly the close connection to CAIR/HAMAS/Muslim Brotherhood.

CAIR is smart to support Muslim women, rather than Muslim men. Nobody wants to be mean to the girls. That’s how we ended up with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib in Congress. Both of them have direct links to CAIR. I had forgotten about the Holy Land Foundation. That is a mistake.

These women are the cuckoos in the robin’s nest.

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4 Responses to CLOSER LOOK: Who is Rep. Ilhan Omar?

  1. tessa50 says:

    I’m just a little bit into this video. I have a question if you know. Who was the blogger that said she married her brother? He didn’t say. I’ll keep watching.


  2. nc Woody says:

    Ask the men at that were I saw it.


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