Bill Whittle: WHY JOHNNY CAN’T THINK: Progressive Education’s Toll on Millennial Minds

Because they can’t read and analyze.

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8 Responses to Bill Whittle: WHY JOHNNY CAN’T THINK: Progressive Education’s Toll on Millennial Minds

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Tell me about it, we spend a great deal of time with the GGS trying to get him to THINK, FOCUS and mentally work through tasks. It’s the same with our new grandson, he’s just over a yearn old but we’re sending toys that need interaction, books, fish oil and working with my son to keep him verbally engaged.

    The schools don’t teach *** anymore, it’s the kids in private school who get the education, it’s as if public schools are charged with creating a generation of lower level blue collar workers designed to meld with the influx of 3rd world non-English speakers being imported by the ton. Then again, were they taught to think critically and to READ, we wouldn’t have so many Rat POS in office around the US.

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  2. tessa50 says:

    I agree with everything he said. But it’s worse. Think about something we have all talked about. Search engines. No matter if it’s google or bing or wherever, your results are based on what you search for. They all tell you what they want you to believe. Some, maybe many, of these young people, believe the first thing they read, going to his point of not spending a lot of time researching something. They see it, and run with it as fact.

    As a personal aside, I have lost whatever brain cells I had that were holding the info as to when to use a comma. I am finding myself rereading comments of mine over and over trying to make sure I am using them where necessary and not when not needed. It’s getting on my nerves, so I ask that all please forgive when I do it wrong. Thanks

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  3. czarina33 says:

    I had lost the “Oxford comma” some years ago, and relearned the importance in the past year. I now use it religiously because I can see why it is important in listing info about my patients. Here’s a real life example of the need for it.
    Medicare/Medicaid issued some rules about 30 years ago re payment for “occupational, physical & speech therapy” based on documentation received from Congress. Because the text was written without the Oxford Comma, $1600 could be allotted for occupational therapy each year for each patient, but $1600 had to be split between physical & speech therapy (no comma after the word “physical”). Despite many years of protest, the rule remained.
    I fear schools don’t teach these “obscure” rules which make communication clear, or how to diagram sentences (I loved to do this!). Both are tools which require patience & following steps to get to the final product one can be proud of.

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