How to Grow Herbs for FREE From The Grocery Store

As you may know, I have been starting seeds and seeking info about gardening, often via YouTube.

This young man and his wife have a seed company in Port Huron, Michigan; they sell heritage seeds and gardening items via their website:

If you are planning to purchase seeds, this is a good resource. All of their seeds are just 99 cents a pack, and the shipping cost is reasonable.

Anyway, I thought this was a fun video to share, and it is something anyone can do:

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1 Response to How to Grow Herbs for FREE From The Grocery Store

  1. czarowniczy says:

    What I do is buy next year’s seeds at the end of the current season. Most stores buy too many and as the season progresses and they stop selling the stores drop their prices making them a good buy.

    Seeds keep well if kept in a cool and dry place – I like a sealable plastic bag as some seed packages are hygroscopic. A spot in a pantry or closet where the temp doesn’t get too high and they’re as good next spring as they were the spring before – and unless you’re commercially growing one packet can last a good while.

    If you want to save seed from plants I’d suggest trying to by non-hybrid seeds but if you aren’t sure you can look up the plant on the internet to see if it’s hybrid or not. There are lots of sites you can Google to help you harvest, clean and dry the seeds and your initial investment can go forever.

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