Amidst the politics, President Trump’s judicial appointments continue

Good news! While the media concentrates on Democrat anti-Semitism in the House, the Senate has been busy confirming President Trump’s Federal judicial appointments. Several important appointments have been confirmed recently, with more to follow soon.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going NUCLEAR.

According to Politico, McConnell is about to kick open the gates and let a torrent of judicial nominations pass through the Senate with an expedited confirmation process.

Speaking of McConnell and Republicans, Politico reports, “they’re about to accelerate their ability to unilaterally approve many nominees in dramatic fashion.”

Trump will have placed 20 percent of all Circuit Court judges, once these confirmations go through. These judges are lifetime appointments.

“At this rate, McConnell and Trump could leave few, if any, vacancies there for a potential Democratic president in 2021,” Politico adds.

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection:

In a March 5, 2019, update, Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network had the prior week’s action:

Last week the Senate voted to confirm the first judicial nominee of the 116th Congress, Eric Miller  (Ninth Circuit), by a margin of 53 to 46, and more confirmations are expected this week.  Later this afternoon, the Senate is scheduled to vote on the confirmation of Allison Jones Rushing (Fourth Circuit). Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also filed for cloture on the nominations of Chad Readler (Sixth Circuit) and Eric Murphy (Sixth Circuit).

Also last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Neomi Rao (D.C. Circuit) to the Senate floor. On Thursday, the committee is expected to vote on the nominations of Joseph Bianco and Michael Park, President Trump’s nominees to the Second Circuit.

Since that update, Readler was confirmed, to the screams of Democrats, Democrats vow Judge Chad Readler will be 2020 issue:

Democrats say they will remember the Wednesday afternoon vote to confirm Chad A. Readler, one of President Donald Trump’s most contentious judicial nominees.

The 52-47 vote to install Readler on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Ohio could easily be lumped in with many other Trump choices pushed through the Senate by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

But Readler’s connection to  the Justice Department’s decision not to defend the 2010 health care law and its pre-existing condition protections in litigation led by the state of Texas struck a particular chord, as Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions ranking member Patty Murray said ahead of the confirmation vote.

What’s really worrying liberals is not just that Trump is nominating judges they don’t like (i.e., the judges are not liberals who will be anti-Trump), but according to Jennifer Bendery at HuffPo, that they are young:

To some observers, the age of these nominees is part of a bigger problem of Republicans not taking the review process seriously and blowing through Senate customs to confirm as many of Trump’s circuit court nominees as possible. Circuit courts are often the last word in federal court cases. The Supreme Court hears only about 100 to 150 appeals of the more than 7,000 cases that come before the nation’s 13 circuit courts each year….

McConnell has made judicial confirmations a top priority and has already helped Trump dramatically reshape the federal courts. To date, Trump has gotten 31 circuit judges, 53 district judges and two Supreme Court justices confirmed. That’s so many circuit judges ― more than any other president confirmed by this point in his first term ― that 1 in 6 seats on the U.S. circuit courts is filled by a judge nominated by Trump.

Things may just be getting started. According to Politico, Mitch McConnell may be ready — finally — to do what is necessary to get around unprecedented Democrat obstruction:

President Donald Trump’s stream of judges is about to become a torrent.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his GOP caucus have long prioritized confirming conservative judges to lifetime appointments. But they’re about to accelerate their ability to unilaterally approve many nominees in dramatic fashion….

… the GOP is also preparing to pull the trigger on the “nuclear option” and change Senate rules once again with a simple majority to allow much quicker confirmation of lower court judges in the coming months.

As Ed Morrissey notes at Hot Air, what Politico refers to as McConnell using the nuclear option, really isn’t. The nuclear option already was triggered by Harry Reid in last 2013 for all judicial confirmations below the Supreme Court. What McConnell is doing is shortening floor debate, which has been used by Democrats to stall for the sake of stalling:

How do you write an analysis about a fight in the Senate over judicial confirmation rules without once mentioning Harry Reid? Politico’s Burgess Everett and Marianne Levine even manage to make use of the word “nuclear” to describe Mitch McConnell’s long-awaited effort to shorten debate on circuit-level judicial confirmations from thirty hours to two. However, the man who pioneered the simple-majority rule change never gets any credit in this lengthy analysis, let alone his full due as the author of nuclear warfare in the upper chamber….

As I said, the news is very, very, good on the judicial appointment front.


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1 Response to Amidst the politics, President Trump’s judicial appointments continue

  1. czarowniczy says:

    It’s a start but it’s a battle and not a war. The Democrats, if they gain the WH and, God forbid, the Senate in 2020 will undoubtedly make it a priority to add at least three seats to the US Supreme Court and checkmate the game, lower courts will then become mere speedbumps.

    Thee Rats are right that the appointment of judges who are against certain issues in the Obamacare program will be a hot button issue in 2020 and the ‘preexisting condition’ problem is about the top one. When I was in Federal health insurance we had people being forced out as Clinton gutted the government and people who were retiring who had preexisting conditions and were desperate as after their few months of Federal COBRA ran out they had to convert to a civilian plan. While they were under direct Federal coverage there was no preexisting condition problem, you were covered from Day One regardless of what the condition(s) was/were and at the same price as everyone else. As you transitioned from COBRA to that civilian plan though, you were guaranteed coverage BUT not guaranteed a price. We had people coming off COBRA and literally being given a price of thousands of dollars a month.

    There’s the disparity of Fed coverage too – as Civil Service I had the Fed coverage but when I retired from the military I had Tricare and Tricare has no preexisting condition clause. I had, on Tricare, insurance rather comparable to Blue Cross/Blue Shield High Option for both my wife and me for about $400 a year total cost. I had the ability to instead transition to a retiree version of my Federal insurance but that would have cost me well over a thousand a month. Decisions…decisions…

    Obamacare was as close as any party wanted to come to touching that insurance-campaign-contributions 3rd rail. Even Obamacare let the companies jack up prices to levels that put many families in a bind while making purchasing it mandatory. Obama fulfilled his promise that you would be covered if you have a preexisting condition but let his promise on pricing go south. I believe it was part of the campaign to make insurance so expensive that people would beg Congress for a single payer system.

    Now Trump’s going to anger the physicians and hospitals by trying to force them to post the prices they’ve negotiated with insurance companies. This list is secret as neither the providers nor the insurance companies want those prices out – though the insurance companies would like to see what their competition has negotiated. The entire negotiation issue was treated as top secret by the providers for decades, they didn’t want that out as they feared you not only price shop providers but you’d also negotiate charges with them if you did know they had other prices than their base price they’d charge you if you didn’t have insurance.

    It’s a rip off, the modern version of ‘Your Money or Your Life’ but it’s political suicide to poke the bear.


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