A.G. William Barr’s first news conference re elder fraud

This is pertinent for some of us …

Attorney General William P. Barr and other law enforcement officials will hold a press conference “to announce significant law enforcement actions related to elder fraud.”

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2 Responses to A.G. William Barr’s first news conference re elder fraud

  1. czarowniczy says:

    While we’re talking ‘fraudulent schemes perpetrated against the elderly’ let’s talk about when an elderly member of the family has to go into a nursing facility for end-life care.

    This member has worked his/her entire life, paid a large chunk of his/her salary for both direct and indirect (pass thru) taxes and worked hard to provide an inheritance for the children. Through circumstances beyond the retiree’s control s/he now has to face being placed in a nursing home. This brings Medicare into the picture and as a result the person’s entire physical and fiscal worth is now placed into the hands of the Federal government. Nevermind that this person has paid those taxes for all those years, it’s goodbye estate.

    Now, let’s look at the illegals slithering across our borders. One foot onto US soil and they are entitled to feed off of the blood of the American workers, that estate the citizen who’s worked for his/her life is pulled away and dumped into the Federal feed trough for the benefit of those folks here illegally, not contributing and yet consuming. If that illegal for any reason has to be put in a nursing facility the illegal doesn’t have anything to confiscate BUT can feed off of the combines estates of Americans who did.

    Am I smelling a fraud perpetrated against the American elderly?

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