President Trump Arrives at Hanoi, Vietnam for North Korea Summit

President Trump landed Tuesday in Vietnam for his crucial summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — the president’s second meeting as part of a bold push to rein in Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions. “Looking forward to a very productive Summit,” Trump tweeted on Monday before boarding Air Force One.

Trump landed in Hanoi hours after Kim arrived by armored train. The summit will take place later this week. Officials in Hanoi told The Associated Press that they only had about 10 days to prepare, but promised airtight security for the two leaders. But the chaotic preparations included the White House press corps being shifted to a new hotel before Kim arrived. Kim subsequently toured parts of Hanoi, where locals stood behind barriers to catch a glimpse of the leader of the hermit kingdom.


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1 Response to President Trump Arrives at Hanoi, Vietnam for North Korea Summit

  1. jeans2nd says:

    The “Chaotic preparations” included moving the White House press corpse.
    How might we be certain that the press corpse move was not planned? Is that something you or I might do deliberately?
    Oh heck ya.
    Conclusion? More Fake News.

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