Aurora workplace shooter was set to be fired by company, police chief says

Fox News

The gunman in a deadly shooting spree at a manufacturing warehouse in Aurora, Ill., where five employees were killed and five officers were wounded Friday, was set to be fired by the company, Police Chief Kristen Ziman told reporters at a news conference Friday night.

The suspect, identified as Gxxx Mxxxxx, 45, of Aurora, used a handgun and had worked for the Henry Pratt Co. — one of the largest makers of industrial water valves — for 15 years, she said. He was killed at the scene. The attack lasted 90 minutes.

“We don’t whether he had the gun on him at the time or if he went to retrieve it,” Ziman said, adding that authorities were not sure if Martin planned the shooting. “We can only surmise with a gentleman who was being terminated that this was something he intended to do, I’m not sure.”

‘Gentleman’ is hardly the right word to describe this guy. Nuts? Or just evil? Whatever you call him, he murdered and injured innocent human beings, and I’m glad that he’s dead.

May God comfort the families of those who lost their lives, or who are fighting for theirs in hospitals.

H/T to lovely for pointing out that because he isn’t white, the MSM isn’t particularly anxious to cover this story.

According to NBC Chicago 5, he had a criminal record, and his neighbors “knew it had to be him.”

When I saw the cops around here I knew it had to be him because he is a weird freaking guy,” neighbor Jennifer White said.

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6 Responses to Aurora workplace shooter was set to be fired by company, police chief says

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    “Weird freaking guy” Hm. That is probably why he was going to be fired.

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  2. lovely says:

    I’ll go with just evil. He worked there for 15 years, that would be the first for a certifiably insane person.

    Evil loathsome human being. I am satisfied that we do not have to house, feed and clothe him for the next 45 years.

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