Stacey Abrams’ dubious past

Stacey Abrams is the Georgia democrat politician who will be offering the rebuttal to President Trump’s State Of The Union address this evening.

Ms Abrams is currently known as the loser in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election race; as a candidate, she used less than ethical (some might say illegal) methods to turn that election in her favor in a manner similar to the tactics used in the Florida races for Governor and Senator. Fortunately, her efforts were unsuccessful.

The word is that she now intends to run for the Senate. No bad deed goes unrewarded, I guess.

Here she is with Kamala (note passed out drug addict in the left background) The original caption of this photo was lauding the latter’s alleged ability to “showcase our country’s strengths and speak the truth after the State of the Union.”

Now, this article popped up on Big League Politics:

Stacey Abrams Founded Black Separatist Group Inspired By Black Panthers To Fight ‘Capitalism’ and Integration

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is one of the co-founders of the radical black separatist group Students For Afrikan Amerikan Empowerment (SAAE) according to archived records obtained by Big League Politics.

While it has been reported that Abrams burned a Georgia state flag in 1992 as a student at Spelman College, the mainstream media has turned a blind eye to Abrams’ deep connection to the SAAE group, comprised of students from all-black colleges in the Atlanta area. A source with detailed knowledge of the group’s activities told BLP that Abrams was one of three original co-founders. (READ: Records Show Stacey Abrams Worked With Democratic Socialists of America).

Students For Afrikan Amerikan Empowerment, formed during the Rodney King crisis, was inspired by the Black Panther Party. Its mission statement during Abrams’ tenure stated that the group “shall employ any means necessary to free and protect our people from the evils of imperialism, capitalism, classism, racism, and sexism!” The group’s founders also made clear that “We do not wish to be ‘equal’ to, or necessarily integrated with any other group…We demand cultural autonomy! We demand freedom to practice our unique Afrikan traditions…” Recently the group has celebrated anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers.

Here is Students For Afrikan Amerikan Empowerment (SAAE) identifying Abrams as an “SAAE Founding Member” in a May 8, 2017 post on its Facebook page, which features support for Abrams’ gubernatorial bid.

I didn’t see this article last November, and I don’t think it got any press. Interesting to see it now.


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10 Responses to Stacey Abrams’ dubious past

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    They say this, ” “We do not wish to be ‘equal’ to, or necessarily integrated with any other group…We demand cultural autonomy! We demand freedom to practice our unique Afrikan traditions…” but if it is pointed out what those African traditions are, they will yell “racism.” I believe these are the kind of leaders who will kill the very people who feed them and help their people keep from starving to death.

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    Already voices in the Rat Pack are calling Bernie Sanders racist and sexist because he’s delivering his own/usual rebuttal to Trump’s speech on line. He’s done this in the past with no blowback but because Comradess Abrams is delivering the official Rat diatribe they feel that the miniscule distraction he’s offering makes his speech racist and sexist.

    Good, let ’em infight all they want, the internecine struggle to turn the Rat Pack from pink to bright red is fun to watch. Right now the party’s trying to put lipstick on Abrams, trying to resurrect her career after the Georgia loss, and if they want to make her a party pillar, GREAT! Go for it!

    Wonder what all of those liberal/reform Jews in the Rat Pack are going to do as the antisemitic black and Muslim parts of the party grow? Will they keep feeding their denial about what these factors have in plan for them and slide over to the Republican side or will they just march meekly into the camps? You’d think they’d remember Meir Kahane’s fate as a stand-up Jew in the face of American Islam…then again maybe it’s Darwinism.

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  3. Gil says:

    So as prominent as the dsa and their allied racial or communist groups are, I wonder what their actual numbers are? If they control academia, the media, and are subversive throughout government, how can we remove them when the methods to expose nationally are few or limited but the coverup and their magical offerings are so easy to promote?
    So so many are subversive and openly hostile it seems just exposing them isnt stopping them.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Yesssss, Stacey and Kamala showcasing one of their favorite American strengths, our ability to fully support people who use our largesse as a springboard to destroy the hands that fed them.

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